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  • Factions: Spring Season


    Jan 25, 2016
    Let's start off by announcing the top Factions in the Winter season!
    1. Deathwish ( Worth $139,908,236 )
    2. Ligma ( Worth $40,350,708 )
    3. UwU ( Worth $29,662,760 )
    4. BobRoss ( Worth $25,778,822 )
    5. Rain ( Worth $24,226,568 )

    This season of Factions brings a lot of big changes to the server!

    We have attempted to improve various different aspects of gameplay including grinding and enchanting but also revamped and rebalanced a lot of existing content whilst also fixing a lot of issues, bugs and glitches.

    Spring Season Rewards
    Some more terms and rules will be posted on our website soon for this tournament.
    1. $100 PAYPAL or $125 GIFTCARD
    2. $75 PAYPAL or $100 GIFTCARD
    3. $50 PAYPAL or $75 GIFTCARD
    4. $50 GIFTCARD
    5. $25 GIFTCARD

    Here is a list of the biggest changes and at the bottom of the post a list of other (smaller) changes.

    The enchanting system on Factions is something completely new and refreshing. I will try my best to explain it as simply as I can and you can explore it more by playing on the server.

    There are over 150 types of enchants in this new system so there is a lot to explore.

    Purchasing and applying enchantments
    You can obtain custom enchantments by purchasing them from the enchanter (at /warp enchant), you will receive a random enchantment book of any of the following types, depending on which one you buy: Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary or Heroic.

    An enchantment book has a percentage chance to succesfully apply on your item, or DESTROY your item (unless protected with a White Scroll). You can increase the chances of succesfully applying an enchantment (up to 100%) by using Magic Dust.

    Magic dusts & other items
    You may obtain these new items randomly by killing NPCs, from crates or with increased chances from the Member and VIP farms.

    Magic Dust
    Magic dust can be applied to the specific group of enchantment book to increase the chance of it succeeding

    Secret Dust
    Secret dust gives a random chance to receive magic dust upon right-clicking

    When applied to an tool/sword it will track blocks broken/players killed/mobs killed by that tool/sword

    Soul Gems
    When applying soul gems to an item it adds 'souls' to the item, souls are used for some special enchantment abilities

    Black Scroll
    When using a black scroll on an enchanted item it removes a random enchantment from it and converts it into a book

    White Scroll
    A white scroll can be applied on any enchantable item to prevent it from being destroyed if adding an enchantment fails

    Holy White Scroll
    When applying an holy white scroll to items/gear it prevents you from losing that item upon death

    Randomization Scroll
    Gives a randomization scroll that makes the success chances on an enchant book re-roll​

    Grinding / Rebalancing
    This update is very much aimed towards bringing grinding back to the server.
    We have removed a lot of high-tier item rewards that were too easily obtainable.

    Epic Envoy's have been disabled because they were ridiculously overpowered and broken.

    High-tier rewards have been rebalanced.

    Crates / Envoys
    All of the crates except for the vote crate have been completely revamped...
    • Common Crate gives less useless rewards and now includes the new items
    • Uncommon Crate gives less useless rewards and now includes the new items
    • Rare Crate has been revamped and now includes the new items
    • Removed the Rare Fishing Rod
    • Epic Crate has been rebalanced and mcMMO books were removed, also includes new items
    • Reaper Crate completely revamped
    • Renamed custom armour sets received from the crates
    Epic Envoy has been removed in an attempt to re-balance high tier rewards

    PVP Arena Changes
    The PVP arena at spawn was adjusted to allow for better PVPing
    • Removed some of the tree branches to allow walking around the arena
    • Marked the outer area with red blocks so its easier to see the edge
    • Removed KOTH
    • Removed Cobwebs inside the arena
    • Made the entire arena a warzone so you do not lose power upon death
    • Changed /warp pvp to end up near the spawn pvp arena (Instead of the Nether)

    Other changes include...
    • Changed the /warp enchant area with information and 3 NPCs
    • Added two new NPCs to the /spawn area
    • Removed monthly key kits because it devalues high-value armour and keys in general
    • Removed sand gen buckets because they were ridiculously overpowered
    • Added regular reapers back to /warp end
    • Fixed the lag issue at the /warp end
    • Reaper mobs now always drop bones (because they're reapers...)
    • Removed Bucky and the Bucky crate because it was unbalanced and barely used
    • Disabled raining completely
    • Small redesign to the /warp menu
    • Removed repair tokens (until we can replace or rebalance them... have to see)
    • Removed a bunch of tallgrass from spawn mob farm because it gets in the way
    • Level cap for mcMMO Axes was doubled from 750 to 1500
    • Disabled mob damage in the VIP farm
    • Hit registration should be fixed
    • Teleporting in combat (Bug) is no longer possible
    • Changed the starter kit and added a book with basic information for new players
    • Added hologram above vote crate showing FTOP rewards
    • /FTOP plugin was changed and revamped
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    May 28, 2016
    Interesting updates. Quite a few controversial removals, but the community will adapt to it. :)