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  • Factions Mid-Season Event


    Jan 25, 2016

    It's almost time for the Factions mid-season event! Compete in this event for a chance to win up to $125!
    This post will tell you everything you need to know about this event and how you can participate.

    The event
    We are bringing you a new type of event this season… a 3-day Factions tournament!

    For this 3-day tournament there will be a fully reset version of Factions on the events server (/events). The goal is to reach the first place on /ftop before the event ends.

    The event will start on Friday, the 8th of January, at 0:00 CET and will end on Sunday, the 10th of January 20:00 CET. This means that you will have 68 hours with your faction to reach the number one place in the /ftop. If you are the number one faction at that point, the leader of the faction will win a $75 giftcard.

    Sunday, the 10th of January, at 20:00 CET after the tournament is over, everyone will be teleported to the spawn where a Last man Standing event will take place. You can win a $50 giftcard if you are the last man standing.

    There will be some differences between Factions and the events server. Please read through them carefully so you know exactly what will change during the tournament.
    • The Nether and End worlds are closed;
    • Duels are disabled;
    • You will have to re-create your Faction on the events server, they are not copied over;
    • The events server opens at exactly 00:00 CET on Friday (That's the night of Thursday-Friday);
    • The world border is 50% smaller (4016x4016);
    • There is no voting/vote party;
    • The pointshop is disabled;
    • There is no starter kit;
    • The KOTH is disabled;
    • Kits available from ranks will be disabled;
    • Spawners count towards your /ftop value instantly (no delay like on Factions);
    • Random teleport (/wild) has a 1 hour cooldown instead of 15 minutes;
    • You are unable to purchase anything of the webshop for this event;
    • During the final (Last Man Standing) stage you will be unable to use any commands;
    • During the final (Last Man Standing) stage the following plugins will be disabled:
      • Factions, FactionsFly, FTOP, Holograms, NPCs, Crates, Repair tokens, Player vaults, Auction house, MCMMO;
    • The becto rules will also apply during the events;
    • Staff competing in the tournament will have their staffing perms revoked.

    Please note that we might still make adjustments to this post before the event starts.
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