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    This is a message hopefully the dedicated factions players can agree with.
    I will try and update this when I find out other issues

    I feel like factions have it the worst on this network out of all the other modes. Although I haven't played the other modes much.

    known issues

    1. the TPS is rarely at 20.0

    2. Everyone gets like 80+ ping, I'm not sure if this is an NA server or not because of thats extremely bad if it is. In comparison with kitpvp i get a decent 30 ping and the TPS is more consistent.
    Yes, I know kitpvp isn't as intense as factions but I'm just using it as an example.

    3. Instant teleport, I have no clue why this is even a thing not everyone wants to PvP at the PIT in spawn factions should have fights elsewhere but anytime a fight occurs its extremely easy to kite and do /spawn or /f home since it's instant. as soon as they are out of range they are basically as good as gone. make it at least 3-5 seconds and 32 blocks is a bit too little it should be 60 - 100 (only for /f enemy)

    3.5 How are you meant to pvp someone in there own claim if when ur in combat you can't even /f enemy? it's completely broken and I don't see a reason why we can't do that. We can't do any /f commands actually I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed too. If I wanted to /f enemy someone to prevent them from kiting from a fight they will already be gone because we have to wait so damn long to be able to use any commands.

    4. the server needs more staff, and I know most of the current staff are aware of this and are trying to recruit more staff so this one can't really be helped but it is an issue nonetheless.

    5. there should be a bit more updates so the players know the staff haven't forgotten about them I feel like factions can get boring there should be something to fight for (there's a koth at spawn but its the same people that contest it every single time) there should be at least 2 koths and they should be outside of spawn

    5.5 You shouldn't be able to ally everyone on the server. There should be a limit to how many allies you can have it's really lame when its the same factions capping the koth every time and no one will contest because they will get 8v1'd Koths should have fights where people contest but at the current state its just a snooze fest.

    6. the outside of spawn should be cleaned up a bit, there's an entire side just covered in water, maybe making it tidier it will encourage people to fight a little more outside.

    7. Raiding with cannons. It might just be me but hybrid cannons seem to be extremely buggy for some reason I've already made a post about it. And trying to break through obsidian seems really inconsistent as well I think it takes about 13 hits to break sometimes or as little as 9.

    7.5 just more commands to provide more information. There should be a command telling how many hits it takes to break obsidian. What spawners are actually possible to obtain stuff like that. Just have an auto announcer that says small tips every 3 minutes or so
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    you can use a potato to check obisidian HP

    and about the cannons.. they arent buggy its just that the becto mechanics work different and those huge sand stacker cannons just dont work and will explode mostlikely

    4. bruh

    3.5 I agree u should atleast be able to do /f enemy in combat cuz now u can legit not do anything when ur trapped in neutral territory.