Faction Banners

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Yay vs. Nay(or however you spell it)

  1. Yay! Great Idea!

  2. Neutral. I take no opinion on the subject.

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  3. Nay. Fall in a hole. That Idea is the worst thing I've ever heard of. Booo! (Throws rotten apple)

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  4. Could be built upon or changed to work better.

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  1. da_red_guy

    da_red_guy Well-Known Member

    Every factions leader can design a banner for their faction. That banner will float around the player in that faction. There can also be a list of which flag belongs to which faction. For example, when you do /f list you can click on a faction name and it teleport the player to a small room with that factions flag.
    Maybe you could ask Hypixel for their banner creation plug-in.