Factions Enable Power Loss in the PvP Pit

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by BorderPlayz, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. BorderPlayz

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    I've noticed recently that a lot of players (players that actually care about their power) will go into the pvp pit and wait until a player dies and just steal the stuff and /spawn. Of course, during this process they will occasionally die, a lot. Now there isn't any issue with doing it a lot because the players don't lose power but I feel like it just ruins pit fights because everyone just continuous spams /back or goes back into the pit because their isn't a downside if they die.

    I don't exactly remember why it was disabled in the first place but I definitely think it should be re-enabled. It results and pit fights getting ruined and players just spamming /back on koth or into fights without any loss of power or anything really.
  2. Dreamwreath_

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    +1 This can be extremely annoying when trying to pvp or capture koth. If power loss was enabled then people might go into pit with actual items instead of spamming /back until they knock the faction that's capturing off of koth.
  3. shaqs_burritos

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    As someone who "abuses" this, I have been killed by a faction who was capping the koth, ( see these to players above lol) and I used this to continually try to knock all of them out of the capping area. This should definitely be added, cause I care about my power, like border said.
  4. Allehsaur

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    -1 I don't agree with this because people who care about power and smaller factions that have to watch their power will stop going onto koth or in pit with or without good items therefore making less fights happen. Smaller factions that would like to pvp without needing to risk power couldn't enjoy pit because of this. Noobs like to fight in pit naked (against another naked or geared) without having to worry about power because it's fun so you'd also be taking that away. You would see big faction members that don't have to watch their power running in and hitting people off koth or attacking geared people with nothing while smaller factions couldn't do the same thing because of the power loss. In my opinion pit had a lot less action last season because of the power loss that happened and personally while it is annoying to have it done to you at the same time it's fun to do it to other people. I think this would ruin pit and koth for most of the people that enjoy it. At the very least I think /back should be disabled on koth if that's even possible.
  5. Nestastic

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    While I do agree that it is annoying that players use /back into pit, I do not think that power loss should be enabled in the PVP pit again. As Alleh said, the pit had less action last season, and that could be because players were afraid to lose power. While it is annoying when players /back into pit, it is also annoying when you yourself die and lose power. I personally hated how there was power loss last season, and I was relieved to see it disabled this season.
  6. Bloopaloop

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    +1 I agree to adding the power loss back. Koth pays out relatively fat compared to other things in the game and with no real significant downside such as I don't know let's say the biggest deterrent power loss. Opposed to what others are saying when you add back in a deterrent like that players will actually put some decent gear on and make an effort to not die and create actual fights not just people fighting in trash or kit gear or no gear.

    I'd also like to point out a few things the first is that of course there are nakeds that run into the pit this has always been a thing it isn't new it has literally happened every season. However because of the no power loss though it did probably add in more people doing this since no repercussion. What I also find funny about this is the people that complained about others throwing their gear in lava while in pit so you couldn't get it are also the ones pushing for the no power loss to stay even though it still leads to you losing items in a fight due to a naked or someone /back spamming.

    Second is the claim that there is more pvp in pit than the previous season. That's blatantly obvious with koth directly above it. You could of asked anyone who has never played Becto if there'd be more pvp in the pit with koth above it and they'd easily answer yes. So using this as an argument point is just to fluff up your point as the same thing could of been said for season 5 if it had a koth above it when compared to season 4.

    Overall I like the hypocrisy I see in the comments especially from the players who pushed for the same kind of change but in a different form to factions because they didn't like the outcome that change was having yet when it comes to a matter where that outcome is happening again you're fine with it because you use it too or it benefits you also. Honestly if you want to fight noobs, nakeds, undergeared players etc with no repercussions then you should just hop on kitpvp for a bit and you'll have your fill. Oh what's that, you don't want to because you can't sit on koth with over half the server allied and get the reward from it while risking next to nothing and that reward being worth more then the gear you're wearing. My bad forgot you're a hypocrite.
  7. Mildsawss

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    I've directed this to Management. We'll see what they say, and then I will get back with you about this on this thread. I do apologize for the delay.
  8. Ralph12322

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    -1 no power loss in pit but /back should be disabled in pit because people teleporting back in the middle of KOTH again is just annoying mainly since /back doesn't have a cooldown and can just be spammed.