Deathrow: The rise and fall. Part 1

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    Hello, I am MrNewsMan123.

    Today we're going to describe in full detail the rise and fall of the infamous faction of Deathrow.

    We've been putting this together for a while now.

    We interviewed players who have experience with either fighting against or allying Deathrow.

    We also have firsthand accounts from former Deathrow members themselves.

    The following is a true story.

    Deathrow, what we know as one of the most powerful factions to have ever played on Becto were originally two warring factions.

    Those factions were Oddcircle and Karma.

    It is currently unknown what caused the conflict between Oddcircle and Karma.

    But we know how it ended and what the results were.

    Player P0iSoNeD_CANDY (Leader of Karma) and ISkizzlesI (Leader of Oddcircle) signed a peace treaty known as the Patriot Treaty of Stability.

    The treaty effectively ended the war between the two factions and all reparations were forgiven.

    Later that day they decided to merge into one faction.

    And so the faction of Deathrow was born.

    Shortly after their conception, Deathrow launched attacks on as many factions as possible in an effort to gain mass resources.

    Vault-tec, Skaikru, USA, Phonic, Mystique, and many others ultimately fell to Deathrow's will.

    Once they had secured their position firmly on Ftop they began their conquest for dominance. Under the guise of Noble Heroes.

    And in that conquest they found their next target. Rogue.
    A Large and at the time neutral faction to Deathrow.

    Lead by DappledLeaves and GREED_94.

    Rogue was the former supplier of goods to Karma.

    But with Karma and many of it's former trade dealers gone. The decision was made by ISkizzlesI (The newly elected Leader of Deathrow) to secure Rogues resources for their own use.

    But they did not want to all out declare War on them. Outright raiding Rogue would hurt their image and people would see them as aggressive. They needed a reason.

    And so they made a reason.

    By staging false flag attacks on their own claims to arouse Public Interest. To forge a narrative.

    To paint Rogue as an aggressor and turn the public against them. And for the most part it worked.

    Public opinion on Rogue began to sway and support for Deathrow soared through the roof.

    During this secretive false flag operation, Deathrow was itself hit from the inside.

    They were hit by one of their own. A man known as Shadow_Voider.

    Who had apparently grown tired of the Deathrow's use of dirty and cheap tricks.

    He alerted DappledLeaves of ISkizzlesI plans. Following this a deal was struck between Shadow and Dappled. In exchange for obliterating Deathrow's Ftop. He would be assured a leading position within the ranks of Rogue.

    So Shadow_Voider took the deal. Later that same day Deathrow was planning to stage another False Flag attack on one of their Llama farms. The Operation was being lead by player KINGRIEVOUS. A plus rank known for his brutal tactics and overall toxicity.

    While Deathrow was preparing to stage another False Flag. Shadow began his attack.

    He completely destroyed the Cactus farms they had, along with Deathrow's Afk pools, Grinders, and F home.

    Deathrow was caught completely off guard.

    They went from 17 Million to 12 Million in the span of 15 minutes.

    Almost instantly Deathrow took to the public chat and claimed they had been brutally attacked by Rogue. Claimed victim status and rallied many factions against them.

    ISkizzlesI declared War on Rogue shortly after.

    What Rogue did not realize was that ISkiz was secretly hoping they'd attack. So he'd have justification to his allies and the rest of the server for attacking Rogue.

    Combined with the several false flag attacks. Rogues public image was completely shattered.

    And they lost all support.

    What followed was a massive campaign to rid the server of Rogue.

    Leading the charge against Rogue was P0iSoNeD_CANDY, Lucyloo, and tagathon.

    ISkizzlesI top generals.

    Within the span of 3 days Deathrow had hit 6 different Rogue claims.

    They kept the pressure up until Rogue was ultimately forced to fall back and regroup.

    Reducing Rogues claims to rubble. DappledLeaves and his faction members were forced to hide out of their secret vaults. Scattered across the world.

    A massive bounty was put out on Shadow_Voiders head. In the form of 5 Million dollars.

    Which lead to Shadow completely vanishing from Becto.

    With Rogue in shambles, their bases burned and troops scattered. Deathrow claimed it as a victory.

    A Victory that would be short lived...

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