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    Dear Becto Community,

    =About Me=
    Hello Becto Community, I am Dash_135 or as some of you may know me as Lance. I live in Meadville, Pennsylvania which is located in the United States. For those that don't know, I'm located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. I mostly play Factions, Prisons, and KitPvP.
    My birthday is February 21, 2002 (16 years old) and I'm a Freshman in High School. Now I know most people are 13-15 years old when in 9th grade, but I started school when I was 6. I'm a hardworking, helpful school student, and an overall easy person to get along with. In school I'm setting myself up to major in computer science or computer engineering by taking computer classes and engineering classes. Outside of school I'm a Life rank Boy Scout (BSA/Boy Scouts of America, if you don't know what this organization is then I would strongly suggest you to join if possible.), I play baseball, I work at a machine shop during the summer, and I spend a lot of time with family/friends. Now the BSA is an American organization that challenges boys (recently changed so girls can join as well) from the ages of 11-17 (At your 18th birthday you cannot advance in any more ranks/merit badges) to be the best that they can be, and to be self-reliant in the real world. They teach you how to survive in the wild, how to be safe in your everyday life, first aid, respect of others, hard work, personal growth, teamwork, and time management. Eagle rank is the highest rank that you can earn in the BSA, however you can earn Eagle Palms. You get Eagle Palms after you earn Eagle Scout, and each Eagle Palm is earned by completing 10 extra merit badges that you did not need for advancement. As I said I am a Life rank scout, that means that I have the second highest rank in BSA as once you have Life you can advance to Eagle. Eagle rank is a very difficult achievement to receive, as you have to complete the requirements, but also have to do a Board of Review with strangers that can ask you any question regarding Scouting. They then decide if you are qualified to receive the rank of Eagle.
    The last few months I have been taking a step back from my computer and analyzing how I do things/how I react and how I function in society. I found that I didn't have a high patience level and I was immature with how I reacted with some situations. So I started thinking through what I'm about to say and post, started helping more people, and treated everyone with respect despite how I personally like that person. However I have not been perfect and still react immature on occasions, but I have improved a lot in these two months, and I plan to keep improving until I'm the best version of myself.

    I'm an extremely active player on Becto. I have over 11 weeks of play time according to /level, and I have been playing since December 2017. I have also been a member on the forums for a long time with many posts helping other players/reporting players and making suggestions to improve the server. On top of that, I am a Member rank on the Becto discord with a Mee6 level of 35. As I stated in "Issues" I took a break from my computer to improve myself a few months ago. I did still get on here and there but not nearly as much as I had before. A week or two ago I started being more active, and I'll probably stay that active for about another week or two, then I'll be really active. I'll play for about 4-6 hours a day for the next 1-2 weeks, but after that I'll play anywhere from 7-13 hours a day depending on what I'm doing.
    I'm in school for about 8 hours a day (Monday-Friday) so I'll play for about 5-9 hours during weekdays, then 7-13 hours during weekends. For the end of school I'll be inactive for like a month for finals and projects, but will be active after school is over. Baseball is during school, so when in season I'll have 2-3 hours less play time per day than I normally do.
    When I'm on summer vacation from school I work at a machine shop for 2-3 days a week, with about 5-7 hours of work. On average I'll play around 8-15 hours a day, and about 5-10 hours on work days.

    =Why I'm Right For The Job/How I Can Help The Server=
    There are various reasons as to why I am right for this job. The most important reason as to why I am right for this position is that I main on the PvP servers, and know how to detect most hacks. As some posts on the forums have stated, there are not a lot of staff members that main on the PvP server, recently causing the amount of undetected hackers to increase at a rapid pace. When I'm on KitPvP I try to record as many hackers as I can while I'm online, and report them to staff. Most of those reports result in a ban, but no one is perfect and I have reported people that were not hacking at that time.

    Another reason as to how I am qualified for this job is how long I've been with the server and how active I am. Because I have played for so long most of the players on Factions, Prisons, and KitPvP know me, or know of me. This allows me to know who typically causes issues, and for me to get along with most of the players. Another way this is beneficial is that I have gained a lot of Becto only experiences, meaning that I have experienced many of the unique aspects of the Becto server.

    Yet another reason how I am fit for this position is that I'm a very helpful person right now. This is beneficial because I don't have to act the role of a staff member, but be who I am (maybe be a little better person). Also, because of all the experiences I have dealt with I can better answer server related questions than other might be able to.

    Last but not least reason as to why I am the perfect fit for this job is that I have had previous moderating experience on other servers. I have been a staff member on SkyBounds when it was in it's most popular age, I have helped friends create and manage their own servers, and I am a current Community Manager of a friends server that will be released in the upcoming days. This gives me even more experiences and helps me better react to specific situations.

    =My Punishments=
    I was banned once on Becto a while ago for a chargeback offence that was out of my control because it was my Cousin who had bought the rank. I later paid Becto the money back for the rank and was promptly unbanned. I have never been muted on Becto.

    =Why I Want To Be A Staff Member=
    I want to become a staff member on Becto so I can help more players and the server overall. Also because of the lack of staff members that are active on Factions, Prisons, and KitPvP is causing more hackers to join, and I want to help clean the server of those pesky cheaters. Most of the time I'm online there are few to no staff members that are on. I want to help Becto keep it's server staffed longer per day, and to solve any problems that may occur when no one else is available.

    Have any questions please ask in the comments below!

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day,
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  2. Bloopaloop

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    I had a feeling I'd be seeing your application soon. From what I've known or seen of you you've always had a hot temper and are quick to jump the gun on things, I don't really like calling people immature but since you yourself said it I'll agree with you. In the past couple of weeks I have noticed a change in your posts and reactions on discord and as soon as I seen them I knew exactly what you were aiming for which is of course staff. It's funny how these changes didn't come into play until the changes to staff applications. If the question of would you be unbiased came up the answer is easily no, I've seen first hand how you act around anyone who's female and honestly it's going to blind your judgement.

    Overall you get a -1 from me, changing your act just so you look more desired for staff doesn't mean you should get staff.
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    Although I slightly agree with what Bloopaloop has stated, I wouldn't want to jump the gun on someone who's put effort into his staff application.

    I'd like to ask you what steps you've taken to step up your maturity in-game, and what methods you've taken to calm your temper. When I saw you on the KitPvP server only a few weeks prior to today, you got upset quickly at childish insults which were thrown at you. I'd like to see your opinion on why this occurred, or if maybe you were just kidding.

    A major part of being staff is your maturity, whenever you make a comment towards another player you represent the server as a whole. If you can't handle insults thrown at you, there is no chance you can handle being a staff member.

    As for the rest of your application, I see you've taken a few ideas from mine such as your BSA curriculum ;-). I like that a lot as it shows you learn quickly from others, which is also vital towards making a solid staff member. As for your application itself, it's quite well done. A few question I have for you are as follows:
    • You've stated that you help players in game and you have previous experience on Becto. Could you explain how exactly you helped players, as in what have you done to help our community?
    • When is your school ending? I'm not sure if it's similar to our school time but our school ends in 2 weeks, and you've stated you'll be leaving for 1 month after your school ends. Maybe it would have been wiser to make an application after having been gone?
    • Could you clarify when you started playing?https://gyazo.com/11ba2b3dcc4893ee9db350e2c0ff54b6
    • My final question relates similarly to my first question. You've repeated how you'd like to help players around 8 times in your application, could you specify how you'd like to do so? Or what steps you've taken to approach this, as you can help the server without having a Staff rank.

    If you can answer these questions then my support is all yours.

    Best of luck on your application! :)
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    Thank you for your input Bloop and Curry. I’ll andwer your questions in order that you named them.
    • I help answer player questions when on the server and on discord/factions. I also try to help staff with reporting any advertising or other offenses that I notice when playing.
    • For me, school ends next Friday (or June 8th). And all of our major tests/projects are finished.
    • Oops sorry I’ll have to fix that, should be 2017.
    • Well as I stated in the first answer, I answer most any question any player asks. I also try to record hackers or get a staff member online to watch them. And I report any chat related offenses to staff for the right actions to be taken.
    Curry- with your question on maturity: I have been taking more thought into my reactions and comments over all. Because of this last month of school I was quick to talk because of stress, but I’ve found ways to help cope with that.

    As I said yes I was immature when it came to some situations, however I did not just change my act to become staff. As hard as it is, I want to better myself, not just to be a better fit for staff but because of personal in-real life issues that have come up recently. No one is perfect, and those are my two biggest issues as of lately because of stress and my personal issues. I wont elaborate here on my personal issues, but if you would like to know I’m available on discord at “Lance I Dash_135#4730”.
    The changes to how to apply for staff had no affect on me applying. I was waiting for the last week or two of school to apply so I could be as active as possible when applying.
    If you are refering to how I heart some people on discord, I heart many people (same with “bb”). That includes males and females, I would treat these people the same as someone I just met.

    Thanks for your input,
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    Here's the thing, becoming mature just doesn't happen over night it happens over time. If I'm honest a lot of your behavior seems forced and that is why it's easy to draw a connection to your change in behavior and you applying for staff.

    As far as the female thing you know exactly what I mean, for the sake of not arguing I won't continue it on but you know it's not from sending hearts don't play dumb.
  6. Skizzles

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    I find the application well written and seems you put a lot of effort. I always say treat the application like a job application and I think you nailed that feel. However being a Staff member I am aware of many behaviors and such issues, personally I think if you can show you have improved and are indeed working and doing a personal reflection then I have no problem giving a +1. At this time I am staying neutral.
  7. Jetpuffed

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    Hi Dash, thanks for applying. Here's what I'm noticing off the bat: you're adding way too much filler. You could have removed most of what you've put in your application and nothing would have changed. Aside from that, your application looks solid. There have been some issues with your behavior in the past, but I believe it has since been resolved. +1
  8. Dash

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    I believe that I have shown a change for the better in my behavior because I am more friendly over all, I keep my comments appropriate, and I stay calmer in situations that before I would have gotten offended. A couple months ago I was offended by insults that were intended to get under my skin, was inappropriate at times in chat, and acted childish in chat.
    If you are asking how I’m changing, I’m making sure that I would say my online comments face-to-faxe with the person they are meant to be towards. Whenever I get irratated or angry, I take a step away from my computer until I calm myself down and have a stress ball on my desk.
    I hope I answered your question to the best of my abilities.

    Curry101 To clear up, I would be inactive for the last month of school, not after school. While school is in that last month. Because of tests, finals, and other projects.

    Thanks for all your feedback,
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  9. Steffan Jones

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    I've always found you hot-tempered, but in game attitude has improved.

    Nice application but I am not weighing in.
  10. somerandy

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    I have always thought of you as a toxic person on the server. I haven't seen much of that lately, so that is great.

    I feel like you should definitely apply again after school is over. I don't think it's the best to apply at a time you know you're not going to be active as you would usually be.

    I can definitely tell you put time into your application; looks great! Overall, I am neutral.
  11. Dash

    Dash Well-Known Member


    To say this again, for the last month of school I will be inactive. However school is over right now, and I am on summer break. I was just explaining for the long-term perspective.

    So to clear up any concerns, I am fully active at the moment and will be ready to be a helpful staff member.
  12. _LunaGamer_

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    I have noticed you have become more mature in factions, the application was set out very nicely and detailed.

    Im not weighing in so im neutral
  13. Jedz

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    Really good application Dash, well done. I think that you have matured a lot of the past couple months in and out of game and I would like to see you continue you that on as a staff member as well. +1 from me :)
  14. Parzival

    Parzival Banned

    Ive seen you a couple times through my alt on factions and my main account, and from what I have seen you have been trying to become less toxic. Although some times you burst out on accident, and from what I have seen and heard i'm giving a -1.
  15. flav

    flav Active Member

    there’s no doubt you have been a toxic person in the community. you have definitely turned around and you’ve become a much better person. i would like to see you continue on becto as a part of the staff team. +1
  16. Felicette

    Felicette Manager

    I was generally neutral on your application, but after reading it for a second (or third) time and reading all the responses, I'm going to support it, because you definitely have improved your attitude and your general state of mind around. You've always also been a kind person to me and others that I've seen you talk to.

  17. Bas

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    Hi Dash, I'm going to decline your application, I do not think you will be a good in our team just yet. Maybe in the future if you show that you can keep up good behaviour. Thank you for your application.