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    • How long you have been playing on I've been on Becto for quite a while now. I believe I started playing during the end of August 2017. So I'd say around 8-9 months! :)
    • How often you are online for: My activity on Becto is above average compared to most players. I have 2 accounts, Curry_Lord_K and 01_16_18, and together they have an accumulated playtime of 4 weeks and 4 days which gives me a bit of experience on the server and all it's unique concepts.
    • Why you are right for the job? How can you contribute to the team?: I'd say there are a variety of reasons to recruit me to be apart of your staff team. My main priority as of late has been to help cleanse the KitPvP server of all its current cheaters. The amount of players cheating have been increasing at a rapid rate and as unfortunate as it sounds, we have no dedicated KitPvP moderator. I'd like to help solve this issue, I know the community of the KitPvP server quite well and can handle most scenarios with all the members who could cause an issue. On top of that I am an incredibly active player and my activity most likely will not be affected, even by my exam week this year.
    I can furthermore help your community by being active both on discord, the server itself, and the forums. I've had quite a few posts on the forums and have suggested a few ideas which you may or may not have taken into consideration regarding your next map update for KitPvP. I'd like to clarify that although I'm on the KitPvP server for the majority of my time, I've also acquired an avid understanding in regards to Prison, Factions, Skyblock and Survival and can help players out throughout the whole server, should the help be needed.

    I'm a hard working individual who isn't lazy to put others above me or admit I've made a mistake. I'd like to say I'm easy to work with and overall a patient player if need be. I've a keen eye for catching cheaters and have made numerous reports since I've started playing, majority of which have been banned. I've read all of your rules on numerous occasions and have learnt to respect and cooperate with them over time. I'd feel privileged if you'd allow me to help you enforce them! :)
    • Have you ever been banned or muted?: On Curry_Lord_K a long while back I was auto banned once, falsely, and was unbanned the following morning :). I've also been muted once for an hour but was unmuted within a few minutes as it was a false mute.
    • A little about yourself. (Where are you from, do you study... etc.): Well my name is Karan Gill. I'm a 17 year old guy from Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. In my free time I usually enjoy playing sports such as basketball, soccer, swimming and football. I'm the captain of my highschool's senior soccer team and have made it to numerous tourney's all around Canada! I am fluent in English, French, and have been learning Spanish for the previous 3 years of high school! I'd like to state that I'm a moderately intelligent character not only due to my expanded vocabulary but also the current school I go to. I go to a school in Ontario (for privacy purposes I wont clarify but you can always ask me if you need the information) which offers the IB program. The school is known for it's academic accomplishments and always fluctuates between the top 3 high-school's in all of Ontario. For those curious, the International Baccalaureate is a program offered to around 4,000 schools with students ranging between 3-19 years of age and was created to challenge kids who believed they could do better than their state/provinces normal curriculum. It's main purposes are:
    • take part in programmes of education that can lead them to some of the highest ranking universities around the world
      • become more culturally aware, through the development of a second language
        • be able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and I hope it's taken into consideration!:)
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    This is probably the best application I've seen thus far. I've never met you in game but being able to nail every part of an application and strike out any questions that one would want to ask in your original post is impressive. I can tell just by reading this that you have the capacity to be a decent staff member.

    You've got a +1 from me for what it's worth.
  3. Lucas S.

    Lucas S. Well-Known Member

    Oof, I slightly did not want to reply. On the stance that I didn't know how to reply. There's no questions I can even ask. As Bloop said, this application is very thorough. From what I've seen on the forums: Curry's posts are very intelligent and all together great.

    It amazes me that this app received 5 likes with no replies. That shows me that others had the same feelings as me on this. They liked the points, but had no clue what to say.

    I support Curry +1

    Stay Active
  4. Dash

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    This is a great application, I believe that you have a passion for the server and i agree with Bloop 100%. However I do have a few questions that I would like clarified.
    • How many hours a day/week do you normally play on Becto? And how will school/sports/work affect that when school is in and out?
    • Are you on the forums/discord when you are playing in-game, or are you on forums/discord during school, and play more when home? (How active are you on the forums/discord)
    • How do you help other players in-game besides recoding/reporting hackers?
    • How else is
    • What would you say is the best aspect of your personality? (Hard working, social, team work, etc.)
    Your application has all the good information about you, so what would you say is the worst aspect of your personality, and how are you/how can you work too improve upon this aspect?

    That is all the questions that I believe would make this application 110%, +1 from me.

  5. Curry101

    Curry101 Well-Known Member

    Hey Dash!

    I appreciate all your positive feedback and will gladly clarify all the questions you’ve posed for me! :)

    I’ll be doing it in the order you’ve posed the questions.

    1. I play Becto everyday for the most part unless there’s an assignment I’m working on, but I’d always try and get on in between if I’m taking a “short break” haha. For the most part school doesn’t affect my activity because if there’s one thing I learnt from my school, it’s time management. I’ve never had an issue in regards of activity for the 8 months I’ve been playing Becto for, and I aspire to keep it this way! :)

    It’s funny you say that as I’m at school right now! :XD:

    To answer your question about forum activity: I tend to make 2-3 support tickets on the daily reporting cheaters on the KitPvP server, and each time I’m done submitting a ticket I checkup on all the recent posts and see if there’s any new ideas I can incorporate or if I can help out anyone one with in-game issues or even forum issues.

    As for discord, I always have the Becto Discord open in the back of my computer and have the notifications enabled in case there’s anything I can talk about or help out with. :)

    3. Aside from creating support tickets, there’s a variety of ways I help out with players on the KitPvP server. I see many questions from the newer players towards the location of the shady dealer and if teaming is allowed etc... I try my best to give advice to newer players and I’ve also created a Guide on the forums for the newer players which has gotten positive feedback!


    4. I suppose it’s time to be unmodest! I’d like to think I’m a patient, intelligent and hard working individual. If a task is placed upon me, I’ll take a look at all the possible outcomes for each path I choose to take, and make a move based off of my best judgement. I believe this to be a vital part of being a staff member, good judgement.

    5. I think one of the worste aspects of my personality is my lack of bravery to try new things in life. I’m essentially styled to a certain way of living and getting out of said shell is an interesting yet maybe not ideal concept for me. I’m trying out new things slowly such as skydiving and driving and I’m starting to grow out of my shell.

    Just as I don’t want to reply twice due to spam, I’d like to take this moment to thank you guys for your positive feedback and kind words. Thank you :-D
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    Hi Curry, thanks for applying for staff. I'm loving your application! Very well put together. Your behavior has definitely improved in-game, and I notice that you are indeed very active. You have my support on your application.
  7. Curry101

    Curry101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the positive feedback Jet! :)
  8. Skizzles

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    Nice application, I have moved your application onto the pending stage. You will hear a reply when a staff member opens a ticket for you.

    **EDIT: Application denied due to stalking other applicants**
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