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  • Prison Crate Revamp, Repair Tokens and Other QOL Things


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    Feb 17, 2016
    After opening many keys on prison, I've been noticing that the crates make no sense in some regards. Some rewards feel like they should go in a lower tier while some deserve a higher tier. Along with this, I included several QOL changes that the community has mentioned along with some ideas of my own!

    Common Crate

    "The Mining and Building Themed Crate"

    - Remove the cooked food from the common crate! I feel all the cooked food is a bit pointless besides just filler. Maybe replace it with building blocks for the plot world instead:
    + 16 Dirt
    + 16 Sand/Red Sand
    + 16 Clay Blocks
    + 16 Oak Logs
    + 16 Purpur Blocks
    + Other misc blocks

    + 1% chance to receive a GOD rank pickaxe from common crate

    Uncommon Crate
    "The PvP Themed Crate"

    I feel the uncommon crate should be more of a 'pvp' themed crate as there are clear indicators of that already. As such, the following changes should occur:

    - Remove Diamond Sword, Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel. They are already in the common crate no point to have them in both crates.
    - Remove all ores except lapis, they don't fit the 'pvp' theme that the uncommon crate appears to have
    - Remove Haste I clay ball thingy, completely pointless once you get enough tokens for /enchant

    * Replace with enchanted swords from each rank kit vip-invader, similar to how the pickaxes are in the common crate

    + An Uncommon Armor Set
    + More potions to replace the ores. Possibility of custom potions? Like ones that give both strength and speed in one potion.
    + Enderpearls

    Rare Crate

    - Again, remove those Haste clay ball things. Useless
    - Remove the Rare Pickaxe and Shovel, can get these by normal means, basically useless.

    *Remove 100k 250k notes, add 2.5m , 5m notes
    *Move the epic pickaxe I and II into rare crate, rename to Rare pickaxe I and II respectively. (see epic crate section)

    + Add nether star (and prevent repair tokens from being used to craft beacons :p)
    + 8 Lapis Blocks

    Epic Crate

    - Remove the Epic Picks - Equivalent picks will be in the Rare crate
    - Remove haste/strength clay balls

    + Add "new" epic picks, maybe eff 9 or 10 picks
    + Cosmetic items: Dragon Head Dragon Eggs Elytra, replaces 10m 25m and 50m notes
    + Add larger money note denominations 250m 500m 1b

    A Better Way to Obtain Repair Tokens

    Lots of players feel that repair tokens are a nice addition, however they seem a bit difficult to get. There should be a better way to obtaining them.

    Option 1 - Mining

    Mining in any mine will give repair tokens:
    Tier I - 0.5% chance
    Tier II - 0.25% chance
    Tier III - 0.05% chance

    Option 2 - Bats
    Bats are quite a pain to kill, and can't be easily farmed. They should have a small chance to drop repair tokens as a sort of reward.

    Option 3 - Scratch Cards
    Repair tokens have a chance to be obtained form scratch cards (when 5-6 emeralds are matched)

    Option 4 - Fishing!
    Fishing takes time, as a reward there should be a small chance to receive repair tokens (and potentially other goodies!) from it.
    If any of these systems were implemented, a balance should be in place. When used, repair tokens should take away XP levels, 1 xp level per 5 durability Restored maybe. Or Maybe repair tokens have a 10% Chance to fail.

    Misc QOL Changes

    + Add Rabbit feet, sugar, potatoes, seeds to the sell shop
    + Add a sell shop for mob heads that drop from decapitate "Random Mob Heads"
    + Add Prestige Mines (already mentioned to be added but I thought id put it here anyways)
    + I heard complaints about the daily 3m at /warp escape maybe change it to a daily escape key!

    + Give us access to more plot settings maybe /plot flag to allow for public grinders where people don't have to be added to a plot to kill mobs
    + Allow us to set names for our plot instead of just 'none'

    *Let us use the following commands in pvp mine again: /msg /g chat /party chat /sellall etc (you cant even sell to the villager)
    * Change the signs at spawn that mentions the "Ghosts" to reflect the current mining key drop rates. (the ones posted in the discord)
    * [Cosmetic Change] Potentially change the "you found a crate key" messages to display in the action bar (above hotbar) and add a little 'Ding!' when you find one
    *Change the sound for when lucky mining activates to something that's not Thunder/Explosion - I had to make a resource pack to mute this sound because it was so annoying!

    - Remove the 1 second crate cooldown, it takes quite a while to open when you have 100's of keys. I have also seen shift + clicking on crate will open an entire stack. Either way would be adequate!
    - Remove the "You Received a Key" Message when finding a key from mining,

    **if there are others not mentioned, let me know and ill edit the post!


    Jul 1, 2016
    Thank you for the suggestions, I'll share my thoughts on them:

    Common Crate
    - While the cooked food is there, you can always sell the food you don't need for a little bit of money.
    - Adding more building blocks (that you can't obtain currently) is a good idea, gives more incentive to build on their plots.
    - Adding a low-chance, high-value item could be a good idea, until there are many of those items in the economy. This will eventually turn them into a lower-value item because of how easy it is to obtain common keys.

    Uncommon Crate
    - The crate can't be all good, as I have mentioned in other previous thread(s) on removing the enchant clay balls, there have to be some less-valued items. Now, if we can find something that fits and can replace those, I would be happy about that.
    - Custom potions could be good if we can get them working reliably. Or at least have different potions to make it more worthwhile.
    - I'd replace the standard diamond tools with some low enchanted tools, as it is the "Uncommon" crate.
    - What would be on the Uncommon armor set?

    Rare Crate
    - Refer to the message above about removing enchant clay balls.
    - I disagree with removing the pickaxe/shovel as we could even add to them (enchant-wise) to make them worth more.
    - I disagree with removing the money, gives another source of income.
    - +1 to disabling repair tokens from being used to craft beacons
    - Adding lapis sounds good, not sure though whether it should be 8 blocks or 64 pieces.

    Epic Crate
    - Refer to the message above about removing enchant clay balls.
    - A slight enchant bump to the tools wouldn't hurt.
    - +1 to more cosmetic items
    - More money in the Epic crate would be neat but not a big fan of 1 billion unless it was a super low chance.

    Obtaining Repair Tokens
    - +1 to disabling them from being used to craft beacons
    - Mining -> that'd be cool as long as you can't obtain them while using something like slice.
    - Bats -> never knew players farm bats, but adding it to their loot table could be something worth doing.
    - Scratch Cards -> +1
    - Fishing -> +1, gives players reason to fish, as well as work on their fishing McMMO.

    - +1 to add rabbit foot, +0 to adding potatoes and seeds (I think there was a reason why we didn't include them originally but can't remember).
    - A shop for mob heads would be cool, if possible.
    - Prestige Mines also a good idea, but for which prestige ranks? Also, IMO that'd mean that prestige prices should increase (otherwise it'd be even easier to prestige).
    - Not sure about the key, instead of the money - it will devalue the key but maybe raising the amount you get once daily?
    - +1 to more plot settings and changing plot name (I believe the command is listed at the plot spawn but it doesn't work).
    - I think the commands could easily be done outside the PvP area, and I was able to sell to the Sell All villager (even on my alt).
    - Ghosts sign -> I originally put up the board/signs (not the prestige signs) when it was under development as they were a thing back then. Now they're removed, I agree that they should be updated to reflect the current chances.
    - The message above the hotbar -> it caused issues on Factions as 1.8.9 players kept crashing, but you can setup a chat filter (if your allowed client of choice supports it, such as 5Zig and LabyMod) so you can have a noise play, a second chat on your screen or even to just not display the message.
    - What sound would you say is a good replacement for the Lucky Mining activation?
    - +1 to removing the cooldown, shift-clicking to open a stack might cause items to drop onto the floor though so not a big fan of that.
    - +1 to removing the "You received a key" message, but that too could be added to your chat filter.

    Overall, a great bunch of suggestions, and I hope to hear back from you shortly.


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    Feb 17, 2016
    Thanks Dart for looking at my suggestions. I would like to respond to some of your points!

    With regards to the clay balls: I do agree with having items less valuable in crates for balancing purposes. However, I feel there are better items that can replace the clay balls. Maybe some basic cosmetic items, something that isn't necessarily worth much but is still useful to have.

    Common Crate High Value Item - I mentioned GOD Rank picks, as they are already very easy to get (via kits), but they still are very useful. I think it would open up the door for players who do not have a rank (or don't have any friends with a rank) to allow them to get something decent. I understand where you are coming from with regards to how something like this would affect the economy though.

    Uncommon Armor Set/Tools - Id say something half as good as the rare armor set (Think the enchants on the rare armor set, but lowered by 2 levels). I feel they should be more useful than the rank kits, as its a small chance to get them. I also agree the tools could be low enchanted instead of plain.

    Rare Pickaxe/Shovel - I don't think they should be removed either, just buffed a bit to the current epic crate items. (Eff6/8)
    Lapis in Rare Crate - I wasnt sure of the exact amount either, maybe realistically 32-64 lapis

    Repair tokens

    Mining - They would only drop from blocks mined directly
    Bats - People don't farm bats, there's no real way to farm them beside building a large dark room and trying to kill them manually. Which is why I think they are a good candidate to drop repair tokens.

    Misc QOL
    - Bas Adjusted the commands in the pvp area, disregard that line.
    - Bas Mentioned prestige mines as well. I do get the issue with the whole prestige situation currently as now it is too late to raise the prices (it would cause a ruckus as the older players who prestiged didn't have to pay the new prices the newer players do). With regards to which prestige levels get a mine. I think Ranks 1, 5 and 10 as those are the major turning points within the prestige hierarchy. When it comes to "should we make the prestige mines better" , this is a bit of a tricky one and I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. I think the main complaint is that there are too many people "bottle-necking" at the Z mine. There just needs to be separate mines for prestige ranks. I think we need a thread of its own to discuss plans for prestige mines and ranks if they were to be added.

    A daily escape key may seem a bit - Maybe it can be a random chance like 1/10 times other times will just give money

    I agree, there are mods that can filter chat and do things with messages. I use a mod to block some misc messages too. I still think these things could be changed (minus the action bar)

    I say a better sound for Lucky Mining activation would be "Firework Blast" (according to MC Wiki, i think its called something else in spigot)
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