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    Hello, people of the forums.
    My name is Anoppe and I used to be a Belper (Builder & Helper) for this 'ere server.

    It's been said before and also been posted in the suggestions tab before but we still don't have some quite essential (WorldEdit) commands. So I've taken it upon myself to write a post about some of the commands we're missing on creative.

    Essential commands:

    //mask & /gmask

    These two commands are essential for texturing, I use both commands in just about all of my builds. Right now I'm having to texture everything by hand, which takes up more time than I'd like to admit. These commands aren't intensive at all and I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be added. //mask allows you to only replace a certain block while holding your brush of choice. /gmask is similar to //mask but /gmask affects all of your WorldEdit usages; it's not confined to a certain brush.


    It sounds useless, but for wireframing and planning it's very very useful to have. A lot of organics on this server and in general look spaghetti like because the builder didn't build a skeleton before adding the muscle. //line allows you to draw accurate lines between two points.

    This command is used in combination with //sel convex (which we already have). //curve creates a perfect curve along the path of your selection.
    Though I wouldn't use //curve every time I come online, it's perfect for building snakes and oriental dragons.

    //(h)sphere , //(h)cyl , //(h)pyramid
    Though it's easy to get these shapes by using brushes, I think for convenience sake these commands should also be added to the server. //sphere creates a sphere, //cyl creates a cylinder and //pyramid creates a pyramid. If you add an h in front of these commands, you'll create hollow versions of the respective shapes.

    Movement-related commands:

    All of these commands aren't as essential as the ones listed above, but it'd be very convenient if we got these as well ;p

    /top & //up
    It can be quite annoying to fly or build all the way up to whatever level of your build you want to go to. /top takes you to the highest block above you, and //up places a block in the sky for you.

    /ascend & /descend
    These commands aren't as well known as /top and //up but they're really useful if you want to travel up/down a layer in your build. /ascend takes you up to the next layer above you and /descend takes you down a layer.

    /jumpto allows you to teleport quite large distances at once.

    More plots:

    As an Invader, I have 10 plots, but I've filled them all with builds. I don't want to buy God because I'm not interested in anything other than creative, so I would be paying 60 dollars for 2 extra plots.
    I think players should be able to buy plots with points. Right now points don't have a purpose on creative, and I think it'd be perfect if we could buy extra plots with points.

    Voxelsniper for donators:

    Voxelsniper can be very useful, but I agree that some of the cheaper donator ranks shouldn't have Voxelsniper. VS can be quite laggy, hence why I think it's better if not a lot of players have access to it. It would be nice, however, if the upcoming Ultra rank has VS.

    CS Build:

    For those not familiar with CS Build, it's a collection of very useful building commands. There are a lot of /cs build commands that allow for builds that would've otherwise been very hard to make. I hope that the new ultra rank will at least have /cs build rotate, /cs build vine and /cs build spike. This would make the Ultra rank appeal more to the creative players.

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  2. Boogie

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    Voxel for donators would b pretty cool and if I'm correct I believe there's a fast async voxelsniper plugin made the same dev of FAWE so that could lag and such
  3. Dartino15

    Dartino15 Mod


    Buying plots with points would make it an incentive for players to get points, thus a more use out of dailies by creative players.

    The upcoming Ultra rank should get some perks that actually makes it worth the money, maybe CS Build for Ultra but VS for God perhaps, to make God worthwhile purchasing.

    Regardless, i'm down for all these additions for the better of the Creative server.
  4. linkfoxgaming777

    linkfoxgaming777 Well-Known Member

    +1. These ideas are amazing, and I feel that buying plots with points would be a wonderful idea, all of these ideas are great additions, and I have been waiting for the mask tool to be introduced.
  5. SickHumor

    SickHumor Well-Known Member

    I have absolutely no idea what ur talking about with all of these weird words and sentences so.. just because you seem like you know what you’re talking about and it seems like so far people seem interested in it +1
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  6. Meddi

    Meddi Builder

    big up
  7. _Cammm_

    _Cammm_ Well-Known Member

    yes v good
  8. Lurf

    Lurf Well-Known Member

    Nothing I really disagree with, great suggestion +1
  9. MildSawss

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    I've directed this to management, we'll see what they say and then I will get back with you on this thread. Thanks for your suggestion.
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  10. Vindigo

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    Yes please! +1
  11. Peepsibabe

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    bro im down. +1