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Discussion in 'General' started by Toothy, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Toothy

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    I am not rly that active these days on the server due to exams that I need to prepare for ...
    Soo in the small period of time that I'll be able to play in the server I want to have fun with u all !!
    Soo I was thinking about a game ?
    Like a building game with 8 players
    Everytime 2 players play and we choose a theme to build in 5 mins .. the player who got the best building win .. that's gonna be like a tournament til we got the best player !

    If u wanna play with me this game just put ur in-game name in a comment and I'll post a comment when the competition is ready ( just I need to find empty and close plots for it )

    ===> For builders : ill be happy if u wanna join us to rate the builds and choose the winners :)
  2. dropu

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    I am horrible at building, but I'd be willing to join in. If more people join in then you should probably set up a time that works for them all to play the game. Regardless of if others want to play or not, I'll be around so feel free to hmu (my discord is below) if you wanna just hang out or something.
  3. MaskerPlayz

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