Breaking a protect sponge on survival doesn't make region unprotected

Discussion in 'Report Issues' started by shaqs_burritos, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. shaqs_burritos

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    Dear becto,
    Today I was starting to build a mob grinder, and wanted to place a water bucket to move the mobs. Water can only be placed in claimed areas, so I put down a sponge, which was only needed for that purpose. I broke the block soon afterwards, but when I tried to properly claim my grinder, I couldn't due to a "region being overlapped" If this is apart of sponge bugs, or something staff is already aware of, please say so. Thanks for reading!
  2. wassupboiiyt

    wassupboiiyt Member

    I have this same problem, so please becto, PLEASE fix it because i dont want to get griefed. thanks
  3. remkosp2

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    After a restart that's fixed. Then you can place the sponge again. Also note that even a protection sponge absorbs water, watch that.
  4. Esthesia

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    Sponges, as many people have figured out, are buggy at the moment. When you place a sponge, it creates a region. However, when you destroy the sponge, most instances you have to wait until a server restart (which you can check by typing /restart time) for the region to be completely removed.

    This most likely explains why you cannot place another region in it's place. I've had this issue as well. Just wait for the next survival restart and try again.

    On this note, regardless of sponges soaking up water, the region still exists. So that is not an issue
  5. Felicette

    Felicette Manager

    We're aware of the claim bugs on Survival and have forwarded them to the developer of the plugin, until he fixes them I'll leave this thread open. For now, if you remove the sponge and wait until a server restart like @Esthesia noted, the region will most likely disappear.