Breaking a protect sponge on survival doesn't make region unprotected

Discussion in 'Report Issues' started by shaqs_burritos, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. shaqs_burritos

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    Dear becto,
    Today I was starting to build a mob grinder, and wanted to place a water bucket to move the mobs. Water can only be placed in claimed areas, so I put down a sponge, which was only needed for that purpose. I broke the block soon afterwards, but when I tried to properly claim my grinder, I couldn't due to a "region being overlapped" If this is apart of sponge bugs, or something staff is already aware of, please say so. Thanks for reading!
  2. wassupboiiyt

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    I have this same problem, so please becto, PLEASE fix it because i dont want to get griefed. thanks