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Should I change my username?

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  1. BootyBuffet69

    BootyBuffet69 Member

    -I have been playing on since early May of 2018... Not on this account though, unfortunately my previous account (zirozero, changed to bloodrun) was hacked in November of 2018.

    -I always was and still am online every day for two hours at the least.

    -I mostly play on the Factions server, but occasionally I play KitPvP.

    -The reason I am right for the job is because Becto needs someone like me. A staff member that will be on whenever needed and as much as possible. I will contribute by being an experienced member of the server and at minecraft in general. I have been staff on five servers similar to this one prior to Becto... These ranks included: Helper, Moderator, and Admin. Becto has been great since I joined, and I can promise that I will keep it that way.

    -I have never been muted nor banned on Becto.

    -About me: I am from USA, born in Washington state and currently live in Virginia. I am a senior in high school and plan on studying criminal justice and political science in college. I am actually a "helper" if you will in real life... At my work I am an assistant to customers.
    I have been playing Minecraft since 2011.

    *Please let me know if my username isn't worthy of staff :-P*

    Thank you very much for reading and considering my application.
  2. BootyBuffet69

    BootyBuffet69 Member

    Sorry. Here is the screenshot of /level. Totally forgot... I realize it doesn't seem good, but like said, my previous account was hacked.

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  3. Dymethius

    Dymethius Well-Known Member

    Okay. -1.

    Now for the why. You say you joined May of 2018 yet you have two hours of playtime. You then went on to say that you had an account that was hacked that you, I'm assuming, played on Becto with. I looked up BLoodrun's level and found once again, only two hours of playtime. So for playtime and getting to know the server, I doubt you know that much about the server and it's communities. The only time I've seen you online, was when I just did /seen. You're only two messages on your forums account are on this post.

    Overall, you're application is really short and lacks much detail that is needed for anyone to actually get to know you and your abilities. I'd suggest looking into other applications to get a base of what kind of stuff you need to include. I hope I didn't leave anything out.
  4. Peep

    Peep Builder

    Like stated above, you have basically no experience on the server, and most likely know nothing about the server. You also aren't active on the forums and the discord. I recommend you play on the server. -1
  5. Esthesia

    Esthesia Guest

    Application was substandard. Minimal detail and explanation on why you would fit the team.
    Your ign is inappropriate.
    Little to no knowledge on the community or server in general.
    Never ever see you on discord, forums or in game.

  6. Sonoma

    Sonoma Well-Known Member

    Uh yea -1
    Low activity
    Lack of detail and this is your first post and you haven't even linked your account yet.
    Probably should close it and reapply in 2 month if you wish.
  7. MildSawss

    MildSawss Well-Known Member

    -1. You have no experience with the Becto community. Zero forum activity. Your application was quite short and the only reason you provided was activity to which you'd be a great asset on the team. We value more than just activity on the Becto staff team. You didnt really include why you'd like to be on the staff team either. I always like to see why it is someone wants to be apart of the team, not just why they'd be a great asset.
  8. KewinX

    KewinX Member

    -1 Honestly more effort for the application. And not much stated why you would like to be a staff.
  9. Felicette

    Felicette Manager

    Application Denied

    Your name isn't appropriate for an applicant.
    You're not as active as we want staff to be, nor do you have the amount of experience staff are expected to have.
    Your application lacks the depth and detail that we like in applicants.

    You can apply again in two months.​