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  1. I do like Becto and all the players who play here! :)

  2. I despise both Becto and the players and everything else here! >:(

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  1. Arminova

    Arminova Well-Known Member

    Having played on Becto for around 3 years, I have watched it grow and get popular over the years. I always thought of Becto as this server where players come to it, just to get a bad first impression cause of the mechanics and behaviour of players. However, most of them stay for some odd reason.
    I have myself quit the server for certain periods of time since it's just no fun. It was always just a normal server to me. Being what most players would consider a 'pvper' I did not really like any of the servers Becto had that much. I only played factions whenever I was on Becto. That is untill Kitpvp came.

    The Kitpvp Becto offered really took me in. It was somewhat different from the kitpvp on snapcraft. I still do not know the differences in deep detail. But when I wanted to play kitpvp I would always prefer the one on Becto. That is the weird part, cause the community there is very toxic and the mechanincs were unfair.
    At the very start it was what you could call 'Pay to win'. Considering ranks would give you gear overpowering anyone without it. They made the kits alot less powerful later on. However the mechanics still remained unfair. When you would get a 'gset' on that kitpvp, you would be unstoppable against almost anyone unless the had gear the same level as you. However I thought this was extremely fun, ofcourse that was since I HAD the gear. I have never really had to experience not having good gear on the Becto kitpvp. But I know how it is since I tried it on one of my alts once. I came to power very easily even without gear cause I was so much better in pvp than all the other players.
    That is why I sort of started to 'role play' while playing on my alts. I would basically pretend to be a 12 year old kit that just started playing on the server and did not really know how to pvp.
    It was all fun for a year, untill the staff found out about it and banned all my accounts.

    Enough of my personal Becto story. I came here to talk about what I started to talk about in the start of the thread. So yeah, Becto got bigger with the help of some bots and alts it at one point had a pretty massive player base compared to what it used to have.
    Somewhere around this point I upgraded my ranks to God and Invader cause I started playing prison. I actually enjoyed Becto a good bunch at this time.

    But Becto is pretty dead now, players come up with reasons for the low player amount, but I have my own agruments for this.

    - The staff
    I first wanted to mention the staff cause it is, unique. They tend to ban players without really thinking to much if they really deserve it and I am not saying this just cause I have been banned over 15 times no. Okay, it is. In the 4 years I have been on Becto I have been treated misfarily in my opinion, for example being banned for combat hacks half of the times. When I have not used ANY type of cheat on Becto ONCE. I have no way to prove this so I just need to have your trust in me.
    But I also recently got muted permanently cause the staff hates me and is corrupt (joke). But it really is. I was joking around with the staff members when suddenly some random boy pauses me out with a 60 second mute. I got very offended so I came on my alt to get mad over it.


    So yeah, speak lightly around the staff. Even though I have a ton of offenses on Becto, couldn't they atleast give me a restricton that has an end? Well I do not really mind it too much, but I wanted to mention it on this thread to show what can be one of the reasons for players leaving or taking a break. Atleast for players like me.

    - Suggestions

    - Ban reset (crazy idea? Yes, but Bas no care for this server no more (Joke don't ban me pls)
    - Better staff (do not fear, for there are some chill staff members too)
    - Reset to kitpvp (it's not too much work, I will gladly help)
    - Nicer community (i'm muted, why not mute the rest of the server aswell? No problem!)
    - Ranks get better perks that do not affect the other players too much (like, give them a big disadvantage compared to the ones with ranks)
    - A new Manager (a player that has played here for a long time and does not mute players permanently for bypassing a 60 second mute)
    - More servers on Becto

    And this is where I will end the thread, please keep the comments nice and helpful (no triggered mods or owners please :)

    DISCLAIMER: Do not take all of my jokes and comments to seriously.
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  2. Lucas S.

    Lucas S. Well-Known Member

    A lot of this felt like unleashed rage towards staff lol. Theres more than what you've said to fix Becto. I'm not sure of I entirely agree with your points though.
  3. Arminova

    Arminova Well-Known Member

    Rage against staff yeah. I'm just annoyed of how they operate, but it's mostly just joke. And there is more to be fixed yeah, just wanted to make a point about how Becto is as a server.
  4. Lucas S.

    Lucas S. Well-Known Member

    Anyone who is an old member knows how Becto is as a server. There are so many posts on the forums raging about staff and other failed Becto Mechanics. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Becto, but... lots of other people *Do Not*.
  5. guthixUll

    guthixUll Well-Known Member

    For starters,

    Also a disclaimer. We appropriately mute/ban according to your previous restrictions. If you are falsely muted or banned you have a fair chance to redeem yourself through the appeal system. It doesn't take much to prove your innocence for hacking, if you need some information on how to properly appeal you can dm a mod or admin :).

    I feel most of these suggestions you've made besides the sarcastic and somewhat arrogant brackets after every bullet have been mentioned in the suggestion feed where you should have put this instead of general.

    If you think staff are corrupt or are doing something wrong PLEASE screenshot chat & provide proof. Posting a thread that says staff are corrupt only makes matters worse. Staff try they're hardest to follow the protocol they're given & sometimes we make mistakes it's only human. However staff that blatantly do not follow the rules, again, please report them if you have sufficient evidence. If you have any questions in regards of anything you can message me in a direct message on discord or pm in game sometime. But complaining about staff on a website they work for really isn't going to get you far.

    - Guthix
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  6. Arminova

    Arminova Well-Known Member

    I completely understand what you're trying to tell me, cause I knew one mod or another would write exactly what you did. You seem like a reasonable man, so if you don't mind can we please discuss this topic on discord, not to fill the chat here?
  7. Boogie

    Boogie Guest

    I can completely understand how you would be upset at getting permanently muted for bypassing a 60 second mute. Even though it was only 60 seconds that doesn't give you the right to bypass it on an alt.

    If you feel the mute was unjustified you could always just try to appeal like Guthix has mentioned.

    If you wish to message me on discord, my discord is Boogie#4193.

    Have a nice day, Boogie.
  8. VaporeonChan

    VaporeonChan Member