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    Hello! My name is XxSuzanaxX. I am 17 years old and I come from Europe. More specifically from small town in Slovenia. Most people still don't know me so let me indroduce to you! I like playing tennis, studying but most importantly i love playing games such as minecraft. I wouldn't call myself smart but what I can do is learn very quickly. If people tell me once what to do they will never have to do it again. I can also handle things alone but if its really too much i am not afraid to ask for help.

    Here is a picture of my lvl: [​IMG]

    I have been playing minecraft for about a year but a friend introduced me to this server and I fell in love with it. I can say that I am not as experienced as some other people but I think I am mature enough for being a staff.

    I've been on this server for couple of months (4,5) or so and I made a lot of friends, even with some staff members.

    My activity is pretty good honestly. Im active everyday for about 2 hours at least. During weekends even more. Discord is where im active everytime and im starting to be active on forums too. Im a really fast responder so if anyone needs me i respond really fast at any time and provide as much help as needed.

    I am the person that everyone can count on. You can message me anywhere at anytime and I will respond really fast. I still go to school but thats not an issue for me. I am always happy to help new players and guide them to become a good member of the becto world. Im also the type that does everything and expects nothing in return.. Whoever will message me I will be there to help.

    I mostly play survival because I find it the most entertaining but Im helping sometimes other people at factions, skyblock and PvP with trading keys and stuff. I have also given some of my stuff(swords, armor, diamonds) to new players so they can start easily. Im always willing to help anyone in need.

    With good people there sadly there can be some people who are toxic. The story is that me and my friend were frist joking around. I tp'd to him and i said how huge his base is and he said "thats what she said". One player got offended by that and started complaining to staff. We got kinda annoyed by him not understanding the joke. But later my other friend had the idea that we should make a cage and put me in it and sell me for 10k. I also said some inappropriate words and got banned for 3 days. I realize now that that was a mistake. We were joking about something that people really had to do in the to survive. I dont find it funny anymore and I know that we were wrong. Honestly i dont even know what we were thinking. I truly am sorry for that and it wont happen again. Minecraft is a world of peace and having fun so we should keep it like that.

    As amazing as the server is i believe that the change is always good. As a staff i can provide more activity which means more help for new players. Also most people are from US (as I believe) and I come from literally the other side of the world. That can provide activity when other staff is sleeping and I can help other players with whatever they need. I am always active on discord so players can contact me and i will always be willing to help. So you can count on me!
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    Well since my image didnt go through im gonna write here:

    I am lvl 91
    No booster activated
    Kills:5 Deaths:38
    Play Time: 1 week 11 hours 47 minutes 14 seconds
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    Hello, Suzana! I am very sorry, but your application could've got a bit more depth and work and some text formatting, but hey, you followed the format(also you should've put a screenshot of /level here, it is crucial). You are a very nice person, but i am not certain about your maturity. Sorry, but i'll have to go with a -1. Good luck
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    I'm gonna -1 as you only have 2 forum posts, and also you were just banned recently enough which makes me doubt you're mature enough. Best of luck anyway
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    Your name is supposed to be the thread title.

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    -1 for the following reasons.
    1. Low playtime I think your playtime should atleast be 2 weeks to be given the chance to be a staff member as you should know enough with some help with a 2 week play time.
    2. You have 2 forums posts, you need high forums activity to be staff.
    3. Your application isn’t even named the correct thing? It’s supposed to be your Minecraft username which is clearly started in the application layout so it’s clear to me you can’t follow instructions very well... a staff member needs to follow instructions.
    4. You don’t hit on a special reason why you should be chosen over someone else.
    5. Plus the fact you’ve been banned recently on top of this.
    I feel like I repeat myself after every application. I suggest you go read some accepted applications and the responses to them and take the time during the 2 months to improve.
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    Sorry to double post I just wanted to elaborate I thought I sounded a little rude my apologies I was at dinner- Although I love you on Discord and think you're a sweet person and you're amazing I think you just need a little more time to improve on maturity and then you'd be a great addition, good luck love:))))
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    I agree with all of the reasons mentioned above, but I'd like to emphasize a few things. You are active in the Discord server, which is a great thing for all applicants, however, a week of playtime isn't quite enough to be entirely in tune with the server. The format, shown in this thread, is not followed. My best advice, as Juleah also said, would be to reference some of the previous accepted applications and take some inspiration from them. On a more positive note, every time I have seen you online or on Discord, you have been very upbeat and helpful. For the time being, I will be giving you a -1, but I wish you the best. :)
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    Next time read the format to show that you are actually interested in following the ground rules that Becto sets as standards for their staff members. You need to also be active on Discord, and the Forums for the ticket system. You don't just become staff to be able to mute others for toxicity. You become staff to uphold order.

  10. Peep

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    I have a few things to add.

    You failed to follow the very simple guidelines with applying for staff which honestly I already would -1 you for as you have the inability to follow simple instructions. But anyways; With your application, it is very short, and doesn't convince me that you would be able to do your job as a helper. I like how you spent the most time talking about your restrictions than anything else. You basically told us that you are more of a bad person than a good person. You also failed to state anything you are good at. To be a staff member, you have to be good at catching cheaters and dealing with toxicity and other stress potential situations. You said nothing about that so I can only assume that you can't do anything of it and have no experience with anything similar to it. Also, the fact that you can't upload an image scares me. I recommend you use an image uploading website like imgur or gyazo, instead of trying to directly attach the image. You will need to know how to upload an image to be apart of the staff team. Anyways, with your past restrictions; I don't understand how you would think applying soon after being banned or muted or whatever was a good idea. You failed to say when these incidents happened, but you have only been playing for 5 months so even if they happened the first day you joined, that is still somewhat recent and with the specific details of the incidents, they still have an impact on how we think of you in think applying situation. And you listed like 70 different punishments, and this happened within 5 months... What you did is honestly stupid and really immature. You say you are sorry but do you mean it? It hasn't really been long enough to show that you have learned from your mistakes. Next, your activity is a problem. This is your first forum post. I don't have to say anything more about that one. You dont even have your account linked -_- I also have never seen you on our discord. 1 week of playtime in-game is very little. Also you only play survival. You say you go on factions and other servers just to trade or whatever, but that doesn't mean you are active or play on that server. You need to know the commands, and general information about the gamemode even so that you are able to help players. I recommend you spend time on every server that you have at least a little bit of knowledge about the gamemodes so that you are capable of doing a helpers job.
    I don't think you're going to be ready for staff for quite some time. I recommend you do some research on applications, take some advice, and apply at a very later date. Be active in-game, forums and the discord and maybe even follow the rules if you want to give that a try. -1
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    hey it’s me Hackerboy123 or Hackercheese123 in discord forget the people above me right now just learn from the comments and that’s it I will give this a -1 since u need a lot more than 2 hours of play time each day. But hey you still have a chance if even if you don’t get accepted it’s fine the next time you apply you will realize from all your mistakes and things you done wrong and improve them so next time it will be a flawless application don’t let me down good luck.