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    use Anti Gaming Chair anti cheat, pretty solid
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    (Y’all can ban this account after but I’ve really felt the need to explain why this wouldn’t work)

    Anti Gaming Chair (AGC) is an anti cheat that was made specifically for Minemen Club (a practice server).

    It is commonly known as the best anti cheat there is.

    It also is installed on another server known as Invadedlands. (a PvP server)

    It might sound really simple just emailing Minemen and asking a price for the anti cheat, but it isn’t.

    Those who actually get a hold of the anti cheat have to
    1. Sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

    2. Pay, a lot. Of money.

    3. Change whatever JAR Becto is using into ClubSpigot.
    This would be especially hard as most plugins probably would not be working on ClubSpigot.

    So, basically this would be impossible.
    Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

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    Please do not bypass your ban.
    You seem to know a lot about running a server, why don't you start your own?
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    You also have to consider that MMC probably wouldn't even want to give Becto access to AGC even if Becto did pay a ton of money. Invaded really only has AGC because to my knowledge they're partnered with MMC as well as one of MMC's owners being a dev on Invaded ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'd also like to argue that I doubt Invaded uses ClubSpigot but instead they probably use a custom spigot jar that contains whatever allows AGC to actually function. Reasoning behind me thinking they don't use ClubSpigot is that ClubSpigot is most likely 1.7.10 jar (MMC is practice, uhc, hcf, kitmap, etc so it would be kinda dumb to assume otherwise) and I believe Invaded does not run 1.7.10 as their server version. If Becto were to get a new anticheat that were for say on the level or very near the level of AGC they would either have to get a competent anticheat dev to make them a custom one or buy Verus anticheat or something similar. Either way tho I agree with you... It's not as simple as just "Getting access to AGC and putting it on the server" as some people would like to think.