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    First of all, do not swear in your forum posts.

    This is out of our control, we are waiting for the developer of the plugin to make a 1.12.2 version of it as it is not released yet.

    Management has been notified about both of these bugs, you'll just have to be patient. We cannot change the sponge plugin mid-way through the season as it will cause a lot more problems.

    You can do plenty and more than vanilla Minecraft without a donator rank. I've seen plenty of non-donator ranks have millions in their balance. Elytras aren't a donator-exclusive item, you can find them in the randomly generated houses in the wilderness but nowhere else. They're just rare.

    I've seen no lag with much more people than that, any lag won't be associated with the player count as the server can support a couple thousand players. Any lag should be reported and if you've lost any items you'll have to make a ticket.

    We don't bot, why do you think only 4 people are playing? Not everyone talks in chat.
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    I actually haven’t experienced any lag serverside at all, despite how many players were on.

    Uh no, there aren’t botted players, maybe you feel that way because some may be AFK and others just might not want to talk in chat.

    And the bugs, as stated above are being fixed and have been reported many times before
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    Hey Dzama! I'm a pretty big representative of Survival. I'd firstly like to address what you said at first!

    "First day i came back i could feel nothing is same , especially on Survival."

    -I think this is completely false, this being so much has changed since the old 1.8.9 version. The new Survival wipe is on version 1.12.2 which already opens up more building opportunities!

    - Sponges are great for players warps because 1 grid could be adjusted for the public and another for personal use. Sponges also now come with a /ps r setting feature which allows you to pick and choose what anyone can do in your sponges. Staff are aware of these problems and they're being worked on as cloudeh said :).

    - New & better rewarding dungeons have been added along with a quest line that allows you to fight a boss which old survival didn't have. (New dungeon tiers I-III have been added to a rare drop table).

    - New shops at /Spawn for anyone wanting to sell or buy items from the public!

    I also do remind you buying a rank isn't all that pay to win. As Survival is a very passive server that revolves mostly around economy. Economy of the current survival is still messy only because it's 2 months old, prices are still be sifted and the margins will eventually become tighter. I also don't agree that you can't make as much money as a ranked player does. I've made a money making video on my youtube channel that shows "how to make money", also the rule I made in that video was not to use any donator kits, commands etc.

    I do agree there are a few bugs and things to work on in the server.

    things that have been resolved though such as:
    -Iron golem spawner stacking
    - Magma cubes leaking into spawn
    - extremely low TPS/crashes & lag spikes (some people may experience some lag still)
    - region settings are working now, but still only take affect after a restart.

    things to my knowledge that ARE addressed and being worked on:
    - sponges not removing until after a restart
    - creeper spawner not holding to their stack #
    - Player warps (which the developer will be adding in the future)

    I hope this reply can help broaden your mindset on the server. the staff team is only so capable. They work hard to ensure everyone can play & enjoy their experience on survival! Sometimes these issues are not as easy to solve as others so we all have to have patience! I hope to see you on Survival :)!

    - Guthix
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    You've since edited your suggestion and removed the contents of said suggestion, but based on the replies it seems it was mostly addressed. Thank you @Cloudy and @guthixUll for addressing this player.

    I'll be moving this suggestion to declined.