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  • Builder Applications

    Applying to Become a Builder
    Thank you for your interest in applying to become a builder for Becto! Here is where you will find all information concerning the application process to become a Builder. Please carefully read through this thread before you decide to apply.

    First off, there are a few requirements that you have to meet before you can be considered for the build team.

    Requirements to meet before applying
    • You must be 15 years or older in order to apply.
    • You must have an active Discord account so that we can reach you.
    • You must be mature and willing to work with others; we expect you to be part of our team and work actively within it. This would include the staff team and the build team. Working alongside everyone smoothly is very important.
    • You must be fluent in English, this includes having proper grammar.

    What the application process is like
    You will create an application, following the format below. To apply you will also have to create a portfolio of your best builds, preferably in an Imgur album. We will review your application and portfolio, and then you will need to do a trial build on our creative server. We will be discussing your entry carefully within our team, it may take some time to come to the decision whether we would like you to join our build team or not.

    Application Format
    Once you have read all of the text above, and you fit our list of requirements, please post your application in the category found in our forums: https://becto.net/forums/builder/

    You may choose to lay the application out yourself as long as it contains all of the following information:

    • Thread title: Your exact in-game username, nothing more.
    • How long you have been playing on Becto.net (Include screenshot of /level - the information displayed).
    • How often are you online?
    • Why are you right for the job? How can you contribute to the team?
    • How experienced are you with WorldEdit/VoxelSniper?
    • Have you built for other servers/build teams before? If so, what servers/build teams?
    • Do you have a build style that you are experienced in?
    • Have you ever been banned or muted?
    • A little about yourself. (Where are you from, do you study... etc.)
    • Insert your Imgur Portfolio link.