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  • Becto Survival Protection Guide


    This article will go over the following topics:
    • Commands
    • Bonus claim blocks for ranks
    • How to claim your land
    • How to trust other players
    • How to resize your claim
    • How to subdivide your claim
    • Automatic deletion for inactivity

    Claiming your land means that other players won’t be able to break blocks, place blocks, take crops, open chest or kill animals. Everything you own within your claim will be protected. If you want to claim your land, use a golden shovel.

    Type /protect to receive a golden shovel for free (or craft one yourself). You will also find a book in your hotbar. This book will contain a link to this article for help.

    There is a limit on how many blocks you may claim, this will depend on your rank and play time. If you are new, you will receive a limit of 1.000 blocks you can claim. For every hour of playtime you will receive an additional 200 blocks to claim (with a maximum of 20.000 extra blocks). You will not be able to buy additional blocks for now but this may be added in the future.

    If you would rather watch a video guide, go here: https://youtu.be/VDsjXB-BaE0


    This is a list of all the commands that you can use for the GriefPrevention plugin to create, remove or manage your protected/claimed areas.

    /protectReceive basic protection items
    /claimClaim the land you are standing in
    /unclaimRemove claimed land you are standing in
    /claimlistList all of your claims
    /subdivideCreate claims within your main claims
    /basicclaimsPut your shovel back in basic claim mode
    /restrictsubclaimSet your subclaim NOT to inherit perms from the parent claim
    /abandonallclaimsUnclaim all of your claims
    /sethome <name>Set a home

    For commands to trust other players and allow them to build in your region, please see "How to trust other players" below.

    Bonus claim blocks for ranks

    If you have a rank you are allowed to claim bonus blocks (larger areas), ranks get the following bonus claim blocks on top of the default allowance:

    RankBonus Allowance
    Member+1.000 blocks
    Plus+2.000 blocks
    VIP+3.000 blocks
    Raider+4.000 blocks
    Veteran+5.000 blocks
    Invader+6.000 blocks
    God+8.000 blocks
    Ultra+10.000 blocks

    How to claim your land

    Before you can claim your area, check if there aren’t other players nearby with a claim if you maybe want to expand in the future. You will be able to claim land next to your friends if you want to. By using a stick you can see the area claimed by another player, their name will appear in your chat. The claimed land of the other players, will become visible.

    If you found the land you want to claim, you can do this by placing the chest you receive when you first joined. This will give you your first claim (don’t forget to /sethome). You can expand the area by right-clicking on a corner of your claim with the shovel and right-clicking again on a block somewhere else. Your claim will be a rectangle, so you don’t have to worry about the height, it will automatically expand up and down when you build. You will only need to focus on drawing the rectangle around the area you wish to claim.

    How to trust other players

    If you wish to allow other players to build in your claimed land, you will have to 'trust' them to your area. The player you trust will be able to access your land and items within the region that you trust them to.

    /trust <player>Give someone full access to your claims
    /containertrust <player>Give someone access to your storage but NOT to build or destroy
    /accesstrust <player>Give someone visitor access (opening doors but NOT building, destroying or taking items)
    /permissiontrust <player>Give someone permission to manage your claim settings
    /trustlistDisplay who is trusted in the claim you are standing in
    /kickfromclaim <player>Remove a player from your claim
    /untrust allRemove all permissions for all players in your claim

    How to resize your claim

    If you wish to resize your claim, you can do this by using your golden shovel. You can see the borders of your claimed area by holding a golden shovel. To resize the claim, right-click on the corner you wish to move and right-click again on the block where you want to move the corner to.

    How to subdivide your claim

    By subdividing you claim, it's easier to give access to players for specific parts of your claims. This way you will be able to manage your own town or store. You can make claims within your main-claims. You are still in control of all your claims.

    Once you are in the mini-claim, you can create the subdivision the same way you would by making a regular claim (/subdivideclaims) by right clicking the two corners. Your subdivisions will be outlined. To leave the subdivisionmode, use /basicclaims.

    Automatic deletion for inactivity

    Your claimed areas will automatically be deleted if you have not been active for 60 consecutive days. If you do want to keep your claims, all you have to do is be online for a few minutes. This will reset the timer again. Once the time has passed, your land will be able to be claimed by other players, we won’t be able to give you your land back. So if you want to keep your claims, make sure that you are active within the 60 days.