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    1. Pyrovic

      Skyblock Fix signs

      It will definitely require further discussion with the staff team, but thank you for your recommendation! :)
    2. Pyrovic

      Skyblock Fix signs

      I think this may be a good idea, but we could possibly charge different amounts for different items/the amount of enchants. For instance, fixing a pickaxe with eff6 shouldn't be the same price as fixing a store bought eff50.
    3. Pyrovic

      I love you more my Rosie <3

      I love you more my Rosie <3
    4. Pyrovic

      prison- scratchcards

      As Bas said, we have no way to fix the issue as it is related to the plugin, not the server itself. All I can suggest is that when using scratch cards, you separate them one by one before you use them so if the stack bugs, you only lose one card rather than the entire stack.
    5. Pyrovic


      Welcome to the forums :)
    6. Pyrovic

      Skyblock- Permissions for member farm

      Hi there Blockers! No, this is not a bug. You have to have your account linked to the forums to have member rank. Having a purchased rank does not bypass this requirement. You can do this by doing /link or /member in-game. Best wishes, Pyrovic
    7. Pyrovic

      Factions Mid-Season Event

      So hyped for this event!
    8. Pyrovic

      BREAKING: The Alliance of Becto sieges Brum:

      This thread will be closed for further responses.
    9. Pyrovic

      Lunar Client ban

      Using Labymod doubled my frames but I guess it differs depending on your pc.
    10. Pyrovic

      Lunar Client ban

      That's very untrue. Up until a few weeks ago, I played on a MacBook Pro and I was able to use Labymod for over a year.
    11. Pyrovic

      Didn't know I was a dude. Thanks for letting me know!

      Didn't know I was a dude. Thanks for letting me know!
    12. Pyrovic

      Top Voters December

      gg everyone!!
    13. Pyrovic

      The Becto Book of Records 3.0

      Changed in original response
    14. Pyrovic

      The Becto Book of Records 3.0

      some of the KitPvP stats: Highest balance: Smqlly ($83,690.24) Proof Highest K/D ratio: ChalinoSanchezz (685) Proof Highest kills: SmoothPVP (4,543) Proof Highest killstreak: Levlathan (1,663) Proof Highest assists: Viblo_ (2,639) Proof Highest target kills: Eracoo (81) Proof Highest target...
    15. Pyrovic

      Thank you, Manager Dartino20!!!

      Thank you, Manager Dartino20!!!
    16. Pyrovic

      new rank who dis?

      new rank who dis?
    17. Pyrovic

      me myself and i

      Welcome to Becto! :)
    18. Pyrovic

      Visitor Interaction w/ Value Blocks (Skyblock)

      Hello! Many of us have had issues on Skyblock where visitors could remove blocks from the /is level block stacks, but I don't believe anyone has found a way to prevent this from happening. The simple solution to this issue is to go into the second page of /is perms and locate the piston that...
    19. Pyrovic

      Skyblock Dyes in /shop

      Hello! Just a quick suggestion for Skyblock! Is it possible to add dyes to /shop? I don't feel like this interferes with gameplay at all and wouldn't change the grind that the game mode is; it would just simply make a few processes shorter. Personally, I spent an abnormal amount of time trying...
    20. Pyrovic

      Happy holidays!

      Hello everyone! Seeing as Hanukkah just began the other day and there are just under two weeks until Christmas and Kwanzaa, I figured it would be fitting to hop in here and quickly wish everyone a happy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, if anything, I hope it's very fulfilling and full of...