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    1. Pluji


      Welcome, and enjoy the server/forums.
    2. Pluji

      Staff End Game

      This is great.
    3. Pluji

      Staff End Game

      I can't view your image.
    4. Pluji

      Thank you so much! Glad to be apart of it :)

      Thank you so much! Glad to be apart of it :)
    5. Pluji


      Hi! Welcome and enjoy your experience.
    6. Pluji

      I'm New!

      Enjoy the server!
    7. Pluji

      Just a normal guy

      hi im just a normal guy. I'm pluji
    8. Pluji


      Welcome to the Server, and the forums. If your into PvP, come chill with us on KitPvP :)
    9. Pluji

      Introduction Thread!

      Welcome to Becto. Enjoy your stay.
    10. Pluji

      Staff Application

      Not staff but we all know this will be denied.
    11. Pluji


      +1, all reasons stated above.
    12. Pluji


      Welcome to the server, come chill on kitpvp some time?
    13. Pluji


      Maybe try out the other servers and talk to everyone, it makes it much more enjoyable, anyways, welcome to the forums.
    14. Pluji

      Skyblock - 4th of July Drop Party

      Pancakes are pretty cool. The syrup tops it off
    15. Pluji

      Bruh :shrug:

      His ip was logged from a player on Becto, while being in a discord call. The player, has been banned, but he clicked on a link which was made to look real and was sent to a song on youtube. It was also a ip grabber. This is how he got his ip found out. It is a perfect example of not clicking on...
    16. Pluji

      BenniBeans Coming Back!

      Don't worry I got them.
    17. Pluji

      BenniBeans Coming Back!

      I know right?
    18. Pluji

      BenniBeans Coming Back!

      Welcome back bub, I've been protecting the beans since you left.
    19. Pluji


      Welcome! Hope to see you on the server sometime.