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    1. Ralph12322

      Survival Block Protect

    2. Ralph12322

      Survival Block Protect

      yea maybe with a release of the "coming soon dungeons" aswell
    3. Ralph12322

      Survival Block Protect

      full wipe
    4. Ralph12322

      Count to a number before staff posts!

    5. Ralph12322


      no!!! iiDell!
    6. Ralph12322

      Bye Becto?

    7. Ralph12322


    8. Ralph12322

      Your Ultimate Purge Survival Guide! (Factions)

      You don't need 2 God Axes lol I don't think it will even get close to break during the purge event so just bring 1 god axe and 1 god sword if you have them
    9. Ralph12322

      Factions Purge Season 6

      I wonder how many people will show up during purge. It should be a fun event. >:) hype hype hyyyyyyyyyyyyyype!!!
    10. Ralph12322

      Big Birthday Sale

      Happy birthday! kid :)
    11. Ralph12322

      Farewell Becto

      U missed out on the discord call a few weeks ago.... :P ask the other deathwish kids
    12. Ralph12322

      My Final Statement - What Happened to BobRoss?

      HAhaha! Bobross deserved this anyways. Factions is way more fun without bobross. Im pretty sure nobody likes them or atleast dislikes most of bobross members. so :crab: bobross :crab: L L L L L L Kollector! You made becto great again! Thanks for everything you did, You will be missed!
    13. Ralph12322

      My Final Statement - What Happened to BobRoss?

      He was like a father to me... :(
    14. Ralph12322

      Looking back at the Survival release

      survival is amazing imo cant wait for other gamemodes to wipe as well!! which gamemode is next?! :-P edit: and ofc the new dungeons ...
    15. Ralph12322

      border go :wave:

      Ive seen way more people and staff online on the server I know staff is mostly online on survival but thats because they want to play this game aswell you can always do /who and go /msg them on the server they are on. The staff team is actually doing a good job rn! I dont see any reason to...
    16. Ralph12322

      Fastest way to get XP?

      do all mobs give different amounts of becto lvl XP?
    17. Ralph12322

      Something's up with winning god from vkeys

      I got 41 mystic keys I believe and I've opened many vote/mystic keys, Ive also seen multiple people get god rank from the mystic/vote crate. one guy already had god rank and got it again lol (he got nothing of it btw no book , scroll or anything) the chance of winning godrank is all about luck...