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    1. Dymethius

      Becto’s end?

      You shouldn't be concerned about the money used for the server. I understand you're a member of the community, but that's something Bas doesn't want people to worry about. Just enjoy the server if you want to play on it, if not, that's on you.
    2. Dymethius


      Damn... I wasn't expecting this. I haven't been on in awhile, but I'm finding this really hard to believe. See you around. <3
    3. Dymethius


    4. Dymethius


      Wait a minute...
    5. Dymethius

      Dbd (Dead By Daylight) Ps4

      I have Dead by Daylight for Steam. I rarely play on PS4 anymore.
    6. Dymethius


      Hello! Welcome back to the forums!
    7. Dymethius


      Welcome to the forums!
    8. Dymethius

      Man of Medan

      I think the mixed reviews are because it's so new that it hasn't completely developed yet. I hear they are trying to make a series out of it or try to make more games. I'm playing it right now, and holy potato it's scary.
    9. Dymethius

      Man of Medan

      So, with the new game, Man of Medan, releasing, what is everyone's thoughts on it. I personally think it looks like a fun game, and when I get paid, I'm going to buy the full version of it. There is a demo out at the moment, but it doesn't go in depth of the actual plot. Granite, it is in...
    10. Dymethius

      Thanks Adidas

      Thanks Adidas
    11. Dymethius

      hey i am new member

      Hey! Welcome to Becto! Make sure to read the rules, so you don't get any unwanted restrictions.
    12. Dymethius

      The Becto Book of World Records

      That says 7020581, so Jet doesn't have to zoom in.
    13. Dymethius


      Hello! Welcome to the server and its forums. Make sure to read over the rules to prevent any unwanted restrictions, and if you aren't, join the Discord! I hope to see you in-game sometime.
    14. Dymethius

      I Never Made an Introduction, So Why Not Now?

      Well, welcome to the forums!
    15. Dymethius

      When did i join Becto?

      I remember the day I joined because I joined the forums the same day. This probably isn't the case for you, though.
    16. Dymethius

      The Journey Around the Border.

      It seems pretty clear that it's Factions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not wrong.
    17. Dymethius

      The Journey Around the Border.

      See I don't play Factions, and this sounds extremely boring just traveling thousands of blocks, but that's Factions. Exploring and raiding. Good job, though.
    18. Dymethius

      Im new new

      I'm glad you're enjoying the server so far. Welcome to the community! Make sure to check out the rules: https://becto.net/rules
    19. Dymethius

      hey ~

      We need to have fun polls and forum games. That sounds pretty fun.
    20. Dymethius

      Hi I'm new

      Well, welcome to the server! Make sure to read the rules, and if you need any help, just ask! :)