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    1. Sophia Hoetmer

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate here on Becto - mine was spectacular! I went to my Aunt Gina's house and we ate dinner with the gang like we always do!! Also Happy Birthday to anyone around this birthdate!! I am thankful for such an amazing server with amazing friends here! Thank you...
    2. Sophia Hoetmer

      Patch Notes 33

      So happy for the updates in survival and in Factions, thank you Bass for your hard work!!
    3. Sophia Hoetmer

      Factions Purge Season 6

      Cannot wait!! :)
    4. Sophia Hoetmer

      KitPVP Patches

      Thank you for all the hard work you put into this server daily!! It's not always easy managing a server. These changes are greatly appreciated! ~sophiamc
    5. Sophia Hoetmer


      My day was great so far!! I have just been relaxing here at home!! I have no class today, so I was on the server allot today.
    6. Sophia Hoetmer

      About me

      Love the name!! I am starting a band soon. I play both the Guitar and the Piano. I also love making music, especially lyrical rock music. Welcome to becto!! Have fun playing, hope to see you on one of the servers soon, ~Sophiamc
    7. Sophia Hoetmer

      Favorite allowed mods and resource packs?

      Badlion is good.
    8. Sophia Hoetmer

      KitPVP Last Man Standing

      Even if you're not on Kit that day, hope to see you on factions, or another server Peepsibabe! Also, great job on building current Kit map and soon-to-be map! I'm impressed with your team's building skills! ~sophiamc
    9. Sophia Hoetmer

      MildSawss' goodbye for now ~

      Goodbye MildSawss!! We'll all really deeply miss you! I hope life brings you all you should need out of life! I am so happy you were staff. I loved you as staff, and you did an amazing job. Hope to see you on Becto soon in the future to say hello! If not, feel free to dm me in Discord. I'm...
    10. Sophia Hoetmer

      Hi everyone!! Will be posting more on forums now!! I am playing factions right now. Player time...

      Hi everyone!! Will be posting more on forums now!! I am playing factions right now. Player time total for today is about 5-6 hours on becto
    11. Sophia Hoetmer

      KitPVP Beta

      Thank you for such an amazing server! KitPvp couldn't be better without you!! :)
    12. Sophia Hoetmer

      KitPVP Last Man Standing

      Cannot wait to see you there!
    13. Sophia Hoetmer

      KitPVP Last Man Standing

      Great event! Congrats to staff for such an amazing event!! I'll be there, even though I know I will lose. What a fun way to celebrate.
    14. Sophia Hoetmer

      This is Me

      Hi, I am sophiamc and I like to play faction servers that have an economy. I hope to have lots of fun on this server, and I hope you all have fun too!:) One fun fact about me, is that I like to watch hockey; the Washington Capitals is my favorite team that won a Stanley Cup!
    15. Sophia Hoetmer

      I'm Dutch, too!

      I'm Dutch, too!