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    1. Cibr

      Becto OGs

      Some KitPvP OG’s doubelbubbel Dooms Fluffy
    2. Cibr

      Goin' Fishing on kitpvp

      Amazing epic gamer moment Rosie!
    3. Cibr

      KitPVP /invsee

      I think he’s getting the idea from another popular server we play where the top rank has /invsee, but on that servers it’s OP PvP and provides not much of a advantage as players normally have 1 or 2 things. A sharpness 30 or sharpness 40 - and a bunch of god apples. this might be too OP on...
    4. Cibr

      Skyblock Suggestion to the future Skyblock reset.

      Nah I think just resetting completely is the best option - no transferring items I lost a lot of stuff and a lot of it I purchased with real money on KitPvP and then it reset - no transferring or benefiting off playing the last map. Worked out fine. Allowing people to bring stuff from last map...
    5. Cibr

      everyone's outro posts were deleted LMAO

      Mine isn’t there but that’s fine because I came back anyways
    6. Cibr

      Listen to us Bas

      Like only allow people in the spawn of prison including the warps and everywhere that’s accessible by foot. Have them start and released from above at spawn and have a world border slowly close in as they kill each other.
    7. Cibr


      +1, well written and detailed You have my support
    8. Cibr

      Community update

      Damn I only play KitPvP but I might be playing prison if it resets too
    9. Cibr


    10. Cibr

      Survival Updates

      Big moves
    11. Cibr

      KitPVP Diamonds

      My apologies :(
    12. Cibr

      KitPVP Diamonds

      That’s precisely what I do, I won’t grind ppl when I’m in diamond I do that in iron but if someone drops in diamond I spawn and get in set and drop on them because I SAVE my stuff for other diamond people. which is what most ppl do Which shows how valueable diamonds and gear is so I think it’s...
    13. Cibr

      KitPVP Diamonds

      Hm I think this would make it even more imbalanced, like from a personal standpoint of someone with 2 pv’s of over 20 gsets, I would love this because I need to use diamonds to repair or craft more but from a new player perspective and standpoint, this probably wouldn’t be that good for them...
    14. Cibr

      4th of July Sale!

      Americans: Holiday time yay celebrate Europeans and rest of world: big sales for no reason :)
    15. Cibr

      Staff Application Changes

      I like this because there in indeed information that applicants may feel comfortable giving to staff and the owner but may not feel comfortable giving to the public. this will also stop unnecessary witch hunts and harassment in applications which will help staff focus on what’s important when...
    16. Cibr

      Hello I'm Lila

      Coolio, hope 2 c u around
    17. Cibr


      Oui oui hello
    18. Cibr


    19. Cibr

      Hey all

      but im a little sad I cant flex my ultra rank on the forums anymore
    20. Cibr

      Hey all

      bro this is hot