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    1. Peep

      Prison Updates

    2. Peep

      thank you. whoever made it is the best >////<

      thank you. whoever made it is the best >////<
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      KitPVP Updated Kit Suggestions

      I completely agree with all of these suggestions. I really like the events idea, like koth and bosses; i think would be a good addition and something else to do on the server. I also think the world scrambles, and changes to the challenges would also be fun. For the challenges, I like the...
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      finally decided to make an account-

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      Survival1 Closure

      bye bye survival1
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      Rule Updates

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      Prison Release & Sale!

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      Prison Release

      cool spawn
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      Bass's Birthday?!?

      i will tell him happy birthday.
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      Top Voters August

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      Staff Appreciation

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      KitPVP Kitpvp suggestion

      This is a good idea, but like what everyone said, it would have to be way more expensive than 2k. I also like the cooldown idea for the sign that 7fishy7 stated.
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      Meme Contest Winners

      Congrats everyone!
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    16. Peep

      Meme Contest Vote (Round 2)

      I hope you guys realize that you guys aren't supposed to post anymore lmao. Also, seeing the +1's on your posts from new accounts created minutes ago, probably made by one of you, is not impressive lol.
    17. Peep

      Factions Enchantments

    18. Peep

      got banned for cheating again...

    19. Peep

      Creative Creative Pt. 4

      Yeah I agree with this. Ill add this to the list. As a temporary alternative, you can do "//replace #biome[plains]" (plains being an example). You can see a list of the biomes by doing /biomelist but we don't have access to that command, so i'll include the list here if anyone wants to use it.
    20. Peep

      Creative Creative Pt. 4

      added to this