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    1. Felicette

      Clearing up some stuff

      The only thing happening is that alternate accounts are disliking your threads and replies (among actual people, but they're not the majority). There aren't any bots and you're not being 'botted", you're just being a target of harassment. The best thing to do in this situation is don't...
    2. Felicette

      Winter Sale

      As stated, it's up to Bas to decide if there will be a sale, when there will be a sale, and how much off everything will be. Staff don't typically know the answers to these questions. It's likely we'll have a Winter/holidays related sale. Closing this thread upon request. Might be best to...
    3. Felicette

      Happy Fourth of July!

      Please don't necropost. Closing this thread.
    4. Felicette

      MildSawss' goodbye for now ~

      Sad to see you go but I'm happy you'll remain close to the team with Discord Staff!! Keep sending lizard pictures ty
    5. Felicette

      I CAN NOT LOG IN!!!! help

      Currently, there's emergency maintenance going on and Bas will try to bring the server up again ASAP.