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    1. MildSawss

      Skyblock Suggestion to the future Skyblock reset.

      Awesome, thanks for this list. Closer to the time of when we plan on doing something new with Skyblock is when we will revisit all of our player suggestions and see which ones we can implement.
    2. MildSawss

      Skyblock End event - Skyblock

      Thanks for your suggestion. Closer to the time of when we have plans for skyblock is when we will start looking at options and suggestions listed from the players.
    3. MildSawss

      Survival <------ plus any server that has gangs, Make a co-owner/leader rank

      Sounds like we can do something about this.
    4. MildSawss


      Hello there and welcome to our forums ~
    5. MildSawss

      Prison Prison revamp

    6. MildSawss

      Factions Reset

      Good luck everyone, and have fun.
    7. MildSawss


      b b b b b becto
    8. MildSawss

      Listen to us Bas

      As Bas said, we're willing to work with you but you have got to be willing to work with us. Change is for the better, or we would not implement it. Take Survival for example! I personally believe it was a huge success with creating the second Survival and keeping the first as Legacy. As for a...
    9. MildSawss

      Global Just another Ultra suggestion

      I'm sorry y'all are upset, we are trying our best to implement these ideas but we have to keep in mind that things across the board need to be balanced too! :(
    10. MildSawss

      Community update

      I hope everyone is at least pleased with the hard work the staff team has been doing in order to push these updates out!
    11. MildSawss

      Staff Application Changes

      Hi Esh, I'd like to thank you in advance. The community never really decided on whom was to become staff and who wasn't. This truly was up to the staff team, and it always has been. To get rid of the community input on such a critical thing is because of player privacy, and to stop witch hunting...
    12. MildSawss

      Survival Release!

      I hope everyone has fun, we worked quite hard on this project..
    13. MildSawss

      Global Just another Ultra suggestion

      I feel like monthlies depreciate from the items in the crate so much though. I don't see why however, this can not be a feature implemented in the near future.
    14. MildSawss

      Discord Discord Events

      Some discord events would be epic, I remember the singing one we had. That was bomb. Loved it.
    15. MildSawss

      Skyblock Skyblock Changes

      There isn't a reset on the board any time soon at the moment, but it's been / being discussed for sure. We would never do a reset without adding game changing, new content for the community. As always thank you all for your suggestions, it's what keeps this community alive. Continue to give...
    16. MildSawss

      Prison Prison revamp

      I wonder, would we be able to implement sell wands into this update? Perhaps those that like to hoard 100 diamond blocks and emerald blocks could benefit from a sell wand.. as long as it sells at the rank / donor rank you are currently. :)
    17. MildSawss

      Survival Updates

      Can't wait to see everyone active on survival, loving and enjoying it again.
    18. MildSawss

      Staff Application Changes

      That's why we are more than willing to keep an eye on staff. We have tools to ensure our accuracy too!
    19. MildSawss

      KitPVP Kit Suggestions (More for LOW-MID LEVEL PVPers)

      As always I appreciate your suggestion, even if I do not agree with it. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to assist us with improving Becto.
    20. MildSawss

      The TMI guide to prismarine

      There is a cap on the points that those can give. I can't recall off the top of my head, but I know it's a pretty small amount you can gain.