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    1. VainsLaw

      Karaoke Night!

      Hey everyone! We have decided to have a Karaoke event! We will host this event on our discord server ( becto.net/discord ). The event is scheduled to start at 8 pm CEST on the 21st of May. We will open a voice channel called “Waiting room” and we want you to wait there until we move you to...
    2. VainsLaw

      Survival Frustrations

      Hi, We are aware of the issues you explained and we are trying to solve them, we are currently working on some new things coming soon so we have been a little busy. However, you state that mobs use to drop McMMO books?, that never happened to me and I don't think that's a thing. I totally...
    3. VainsLaw

      Survival 1.16 update (BETA)

      its still up, you can join it by using the command /survival2 ingame
    4. VainsLaw

      My name is Kqrl jacobss

      Hey there
    5. VainsLaw

      Survival 1.16 update (BETA)

      Im really excited for this
    6. VainsLaw

      Vote Winners March

      Congrats to everyone!
    7. VainsLaw


    8. VainsLaw

      False Ban

      This is the wrong place to make an appeal, please open a ticket here "Link"
    9. VainsLaw

      Welcome back!

      Welcome back!
    10. VainsLaw

      Welcome to the team #helpergang

      Welcome to the team #helpergang
    11. VainsLaw

      Top Voters February

      Congrats everyone!
    12. VainsLaw

      Thank you Scorp!

      Thank you Scorp!
    13. VainsLaw

      I'm late by 2 days... But thank you manager :)

      I'm late by 2 days... But thank you manager :)
    14. VainsLaw

      Thank you helper buddy

      Thank you helper buddy
    15. VainsLaw

      Thank you mod :)

      Thank you mod :)
    16. VainsLaw

      Valentines Sale & Limbo Overhaul

      Good job!
    17. VainsLaw


      This is not the place for applying for staff u can do it here https://becto.net/apply/ and be sure to read this first so u know what they are looking for and what u need to provide for them https://becto.net/threads/how-to-apply-for-staff.3122/
    18. VainsLaw

      Kollector's Kontest

      good luck everyone!
    19. VainsLaw

      McSkpye35's Welcome Note

      Big welcome!!
    20. VainsLaw