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    1. Kirbyuz

      Thank you Pyrovich!

      Thank you Pyrovich!
    2. Kirbyuz

      Thank you scorp!

      Thank you scorp!
    3. Kirbyuz

      Thank you Dartino!!

      Thank you Dartino!!
    4. Kirbyuz

      Thank you!

      Thank you!
    5. Kirbyuz

      Petition to get rid of the filter

      Since there are a lot of young people playing on this server, So I still think we need a filter. The filter prevents racism in the chat, which we don't tolerate.
    6. Kirbyuz

      KitPVP Weekly koth

      This isn’t a bad idea, it would be nice
    7. Kirbyuz

      Factions Reset

      I wish everyone goodluck
    8. Kirbyuz

      Becto Goodbyes <3

      Goodbye Rosie you will be missed
    9. Kirbyuz

      KitPVP Kitpvp map

      I do like the new one and I dont want the old one back
    10. Kirbyuz


      sup there