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    1. Bas

      Top Voters July

      Here are the top 5 voters of the past month! They will all receive $20.00 in webshop gift-cards. The rewards will be given in the form of gems, you can swap gems for webshop gift-cards by using /rewards in-game. 1 Cynical_Ninja 2 HIGHCALIBER 3 Ironmonkey_ 4 Warmonkey_ 5 urfault The...
    2. Bas

      Factions Suggestion for Factions server to REVIVE it

      We recommend you play on the 1.8 version of Minecraft, I haven't seen many false positives with the anticheat whilst testing. Are you using any client modifications? What bugs have you found? Please report them here: https://becto.net/report-issues/ Bucky was removed due to being unbalanced...
    3. Bas

      Apply for Builder!

      Hey everyone! Great news! It is now possible again to send in your application to become part of our building team. You can read all of the requirements and the how-to here: https://becto.net/support/builder-applications.7 I hope to see some of you on the team soon! Good luck applying!
    4. Bas

      Redstone issues

      Redstone deactivates to prevent server overloading, if you don't make your clocks too fast and don't leave your plot it won't deactivate.
    5. Bas

      Factions Reset The Nether in Factions

      We could reset the Nether world, i'm interested to see what others have to say.
    6. Bas

      Summer Sale! 30% off store.becto.net

      Hey everyone! This marks the beginning of our SUMMER SALE on store.becto.net! Take 30% off all packages available on the store now until it is too late! This sale will last until the end of summer.
    7. Bas

      Did you know...

      I quoted @Toothy
    8. Bas

      Did you know...

      You should really link your in-game account šŸ˜„
    9. Bas

      Did you know...

      ... that you can now set images as cover on threads? Just like the one in this thread! Just use the cover button located below the thread title here:
    10. Bas

      Minecraft Wedding!

      It was fun being there
    11. Bas

      Factions Factions Enchantments

      Adjusted the post to include this :)
    12. Bas

      Lagged out

    13. Bas

      September of 2017 didn't feel long enough..

      Sad news and am sorry to see you go! I do hope to see you back again soon.
    14. Bas

      Global Spawners.

      On Factions they are already.
    15. Bas


      Yeah it was kind of confusing in that post- Adjusted it :)
    16. Bas

      Global Chatcolors

      Yeah i'm not a fan of this. Would make the chat cluttered and hard to read- I like the clean chat on Becto.
    17. Bas

      Factions Factions Enchantments

      Added your previous reports to the list
    18. Bas


      We've released some new additions to the server today! Read all about it below. Survival Player Warps They're back! Player warps! You can now create a player warp that lasts for one day and costs $1000 to create or teleport to other players warps with the /pw command. Every rank can set one...
    19. Bas

      Factions Faction Suggestions

      Some of the things in this post are hard for me to agree with and others are worth looking into. I will give more detailed insights in a dedicated Factions suggestions post later. But your "Should this season be cancelled" poll question makes no sense- this season will continue running and we...
    20. Bas

      Factions Factions Enchantments

      Thank you, I added them to the list. I feel like having a lot of enchants keeps things interesting. While some enchantments seem useless they do tend to balance things out more, as having them on the server makes it less likely to get the more rare enchants but you do get something instead of...