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    1. 7fishy7

      Discord @Staff

      Players still ping staff for no reason. It didn't stop anything other than support char being useful. I find it very hard to believe that when @STAFF was a thing. Hackers getting reported would get banned. But now with it gone, no staff logs on once a hacker is said to be online in support chat...
    2. 7fishy7

      Discord @Staff

      Add it back. Support channel is pointless and unused by staff. Reporting players in support chat is pointless. They cheat for 3 hours then a staff with tag the report and say "player is offline." Staff check is maybe once a day if that. Without being pinged nobody checks it outside to say 1 of 3...
    3. 7fishy7

      KitPVP Becto KitPvP Events

      Instead of waiting around for them to send you this google doc, why not make a forums post from the staff team about each game mode and what players want to see in them. It was done quite a while back by a staff member not too many liked, ISkizzlesI, yet when he did it, he made a thread in the...
    4. 7fishy7

      KitPVP Becto KitPvP Events

      Its not even just kitpvp that's dead cause of lack of updates, events, and overall lack of staff communication with the player base. The whole server has people quitting everyday because nobody on staff talks to the players about future updates. There are never set dates for things to happen...
    5. 7fishy7

      Bring Back Old Prison

      yeah but you could get out pvp quite easily on old prison pvp. I agree the ladders are quite dumb. But not sure howd you make it so ppl cant get out so easily, but also so its not impossible to get out.
    6. 7fishy7

      McSkpye35's Welcome Note

      Welcome to becto, goodluck dodging the gsets! Takes a while, but im sure you'll get some ppl to team with at some point. :). I'll check out your channel and see what ya got on there
    7. 7fishy7

      Bring Back Old Prison

      but you replied to it o.o But back to the actual reason this thread is here, yeah I kinda agree old prison was quite better. I'd like to see something added back to /shop so that people dont have to pray for a p4 and unb3 villagers from villager spawners. Maybe add villager spawn eggs for a...
    8. 7fishy7

      Global Points

      How many points would you get per lvl? Also at the same time, I feel like that would only be good to those who grinded lvl when it was busted with x4 lvl booster, which you happen to be one of those. Like yeah ppl can grind lvls and all that, but it wont be nearly as much as it was before...
    9. 7fishy7

      Skyblock Fix for Mending

      you cant even pvp sneak sir, why are you here o.o (but comeback to sb sir I need ur igs)
    10. 7fishy7

      Skyblock Fix for Mending

      eh im gonna have to say no, just cause pots are buggy on kitpvp (splash pots) and I dont think pot pvp is good with mending anyways. I dont see anything that would be good to replace mending with tbh. I think sb has been going on for too long for it to change now.
    11. 7fishy7


      Nah its probs a video of him beating up his alt that doesnt move. To prove he can win 1v1's.
    12. 7fishy7

      Skyblock Fix signs

      I assume this is in talks as if mending is gone? As fix signs have no value with it. In that case I'd just say change it to the survival system, both enchant tokens and repair tokens. Those systems on survival, would fit skyblock as well in my opinion. Altho mining ghosts, still is far better...
    13. 7fishy7

      Skyblock Enchants

      Hiya there, 7fishy7/Dante here. I do be playing skyblock and pvping a lot, so I'm here to give my thought on the enchants suggested. - Strenght Gonna have to say no to this. As there are str 2 clays for 20min. And str pots you can make ofc. While they dont last long already, they still are...
    14. 7fishy7


      I also would like to add to this, how bas himself said it wasn't supposed to be in from the beginning. As I said in support chat "You removed it and now people can barely use the tools and armor they have cause they will break. Bas said it wasnt supposed to be there from the start. So what was...
    15. 7fishy7


      So now mending is gone? Nothing was said about this, no announcement about it? Reasonable a ton of players are mad, as now the only way to keep items is a 24hr /fix on ultra only. While I understand there is probably a way being looked into this, I'm just going to suggest this now. Survival has...
    16. 7fishy7

      Skyblock Skyblock Enchant Tokens. Ultra Perks.

      Hola everyone reading this, thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion/talk about skyblock enchant tokens. So as most player on skyblock know, enchant tokens are needed. In fact if you play anything on becto you know how important custom enchants and enchant tokens are. With the new...
    17. 7fishy7


      Best intro I've ever seen, right to the point. Love it. Welcome to becto forums. :)
    18. 7fishy7

      KitPVP Ideas for balancing KitPvP

      idk about the whole anti farm zone, cause even if it was added, 1 many players would still get farmed in it lol, the stacked players would beat out the non stacked, and just abuse the easy and quick farming traps now. Furthermore where would it be on the map, it would have to be near drop down...
    19. 7fishy7

      How to fix Kitpvp

      The only things I'm replying to are things I can really talk about/have an opinion on, as I'm not a kitpvp player, if anything I casually play it. Duels: I agree with everything said here, the duel maps are cool looking, but mostly you just get stuck on a block and lose. Doesn't really do what...
    20. 7fishy7

      The Becto Book of Records 3.0

      Highest balance: 7fishy7 128.59mil Highest EXP (XP bar): 7fishy7 542 Longest time played (statistics): (if this is just /lvl then 7fishy7 39 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours, 56 seconds) Highest enchant tokens: 7fishy7 14,790