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    1. MVKay52


      I can't really progress in kitpvp without grinding harder than I am willing to with this rate of exp per kill. I think before the reset, the rate was fine. Now, It takes wayyy to many kills to get high enough to make any sort of enchants. if I were to just sit there and kill 100 people in...
    2. MVKay52

      Member Area

      This isnt a big deal or anything but when someone has time it would be nice to have a couple crafting tables next to the enchant tables in member area. Idk if this should be a ticket or something but ig if someone has an opposing viewpoint then....
    3. MVKay52

      Bruh :shrug:

      today I was bored so I decided to have a little fun ig... I started killing people who were in gsets and farming people who were new. At first it was kind of fun when new people were messaging me literally thanking me for killing these people. The only time I farmed was to get a 1k ks and even...
    4. MVKay52

      20 Questions anyone?

      I’m thinking of something.... Can you guess what it is?
    5. MVKay52

      permanent IP ban for second offense

      A second offense hacker , in my opinion, shows no remorse for their actions and no indication of an interest in the server. I believe that once someone has shown that they do not plan on behaving, they should immediately be IP banned permanently. Thoughts?
    6. MVKay52

      [Kitpvp] vote crate

      If this has not been addressed ye, I would like the vote crate to have more updated rewards. For example, remove gold bars, as there is no use for them. Add apples, in order for players to naturally acquire god apples over time, and to keep the gold bar from becoming obsolete. Add a strength...