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    1. Pyrovic

      Visitor Interaction w/ Value Blocks (Skyblock)

      Hello! Many of us have had issues on Skyblock where visitors could remove blocks from the /is level block stacks, but I don't believe anyone has found a way to prevent this from happening. The simple solution to this issue is to go into the second page of /is perms and locate the piston that...
    2. Pyrovic

      Skyblock Dyes in /shop

      Hello! Just a quick suggestion for Skyblock! Is it possible to add dyes to /shop? I don't feel like this interferes with gameplay at all and wouldn't change the grind that the game mode is; it would just simply make a few processes shorter. Personally, I spent an abnormal amount of time trying...
    3. Pyrovic

      Happy holidays!

      Hello everyone! Seeing as Hanukkah just began the other day and there are just under two weeks until Christmas and Kwanzaa, I figured it would be fitting to hop in here and quickly wish everyone a happy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, if anything, I hope it's very fulfilling and full of...
    4. Pyrovic

      Updated Guide For All Of Becto's Daily Points!

      Hello! Since the recent updates of various game modes, the locations of many daily points villagers which were once burned into our brains have obviously also been changed. This thread will cover daily villagers and collection of points. There are four ways to acquire points on the server, the...
    5. Pyrovic

      Hello again!

      Just popping in really quick to say hello! After a much too long 9 month hiatus, I'm coming back to Becto:) I figured I'd make an official return by saying hi to everyone on the forums again! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Vic. I joined the server in May of 2019 and since then, I've...
    6. Pyrovic

      So long :)

      I didn't think I'd ever get emotional writing a goodbye post on a Minecraft forums page, but here we go. Many of you have noticed my recent inactivity, so I figured I'd publicly address it. Thank you to those who have reached out in the past month or so to check up on me. It truly does mean so...
    7. Pyrovic

      Texture Packs?

      Hello everyone! I'm looking for a new 1.12.2 texture pack, so please drop some suggestions <3
    8. Pyrovic

      Guide to Becto Skyblock

      Hello! Below is a guide to all the ropes of Becto's skyblock server, including tips for profit shops, dailies, and /is top. Please enjoy and feel free to leave any feedback! :) ------------- 『 basic info 』 The basic island size is 100x100. With VETERAN and INVADER ranks, it is 125x125, and...
    9. Pyrovic


      I've been playing on Becto for a while now, but never got around to saying hello on the forums, so here I am :) Hello everyone! I'm yvicy (used to be yuicy but my account was hacked into) and Becto is my favourite server on Minecraft. I spend the most time on factions and skyblock, I go over to...