All rules listed here apply to all members on Becto. Everyone is to read these rules to maintain the healthiest server environment. Becto staff reserve the right to change or modify any rule as they see fit.

1. Respect All Users

Everyone playing is a human, please be mindful and respectful in your communication. We will not tolerate the following:

  • Toxicity
  • General discrimination
  • Offensive remarks
  • Provocative communication
  • Harassment

Sensible, well-thought-out speech will make everyone’s day better. Remember that the players on the other side of the screen are people like you.

2. Cheating, Client Modifications, and Exploiting Bugs

We define cheating as using any bug, hack, exploit, or other method to gain an advantage over other players. Bugs/exploits should be reported to the staff.

We allow the following categories of modifications:

  • Performance, graphics, and aesthetic modifications (including shaders and OptiFine)
  • Armor, status, and HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage
  • Health indicators
  • Minimaps that show the ground level and do not show players
  • Recipe modifications
  • Sprint toggle

The use of any client modifications other than the allowed categories listed above is strictly forbidden and enforced. If you have any modifications that you are unsure about, contact a staff member.

We specifically disallow the following modifications:

  • Automated movements (walking, fighting, aiming, fishing, mining, etc.)
  • Consistent movements triggered by laying something on your keyboard/mouse (to keep mining/walking or similar)
  • Vision enhancements (x-ray, trackers, tracer, wallhack, etc.)
  • Fighting cheats (anti-knockback, bunnyhop, kill-aura, etc.)
  • Spoofing cheats (ping spoof)
  • Any change to the way you connect to our server (proxy or other connection)

The use of third-party software that gives a significant advantage to anyone is also strictly forbidden. This includes the use of macros or hotkeys that trigger automated clicks or movements on a more than 1-to-1 ratio (1 input = 1 output).

Pretending to hack/cheat/exploit carries the same penalty as actually cheating because it upsets players and wastes the time of staff.

Any category other than these are considered illegal. If you have any modifications that you may be curious about, please contact a staff member. Responsibility of using these are completely on the player.

If you find anyone breaking the rules, please report them using the ticketing system. Be mindful and respectful even when reporting players. Hostile, disrespectful, or crude comments about players will be discarded as spam.

3. Alternate Accounts

We allow the use of one main account and one alternate account. Any players found to be using more than two accounts will have all of their accounts blocked.

We define "using more than two accounts" as having more than two accounts (your main account and your alternate account) online at the same time, or using more than two accounts to claim kits, be in your faction, or to otherwise gain an in-game advantage.

Any accounts used to evade an account restriction will be permanently blocked.

4. Using a VPN or Proxy

We do not allow any use of a proxy server or VPN to connect to our servers. Any proxy server or VPN discovered to be used to connect to our servers will be permanently banned by IP address. All accounts that have ever connected through a discovered proxy or VPN may also be permanently banned, depending on the situation.

If you do not know what a VPN or proxy is, you are probably not using one and you do not risk being banned.

5. Respect Staff Members

All decisions made by staff members are considered final unless appealed successfully through a ticket. Please do not argue about staff decisions in public chat or on the forums. If you feel like you have been wrongly punished or mistreated in any way, use the ticketing system to voice your concerns, or send a member of the administrative team a private message.

Any hostile, disrespectful, crude, or toxic communication may result in a restriction on your account.

6. AFK Activity & Macroing/Botting

If we can prove your focus is not in-game while you are performing game-related action (literally anything except being completely inactive), you may be banned. Our methods to detect AFK activity may include messaging, teleportation, or anything else to get your attention.

Macroing (or botting) movements or actions are not allowed, this falls under rule 2. Cheating, Client Modifications, and Exploiting Bugs

7. Impersonation and Pseudo-Staffing

Do not impersonate staff or pretend to be a staff member. Staff members can be recognized by the red prefix/tag on their names. Do not pretend to be something you’re not. This includes false claims about relationships with staff members.

We appreciate players helping other players, but please do not act as though you are a staff member. This is a form of impersonation, even if do not explicitly state that you are on or related to the staff team. Do not answer questions you are unsure of or share server-related speculations that have not been confirmed (unless you clearly state that you are unsure).

If you have applied for staff or plan to apply for staff in the future and start off by helping others, that’s wonderful--but remember that you are not staff yet, and that you should not act like or answer questions as if you are a staff member. We welcome and encourage gameplay-related help and assistance, which promotes community and an enjoyable environment. We discourage commanding attitudes and server-related assumptions/speculation.

8. Spam

Spam is not allowed. The following are considered spam:

  • Repeating similar messages frequently
  • Messages consisting of a large amount of capital letters
  • A large number of messages in a short period of time (such as a countdown)

Staff members may have other definitions of spam. Please respect their judgment.

9. PG-13 Communication and Content

Be mindful of other people when speaking in chat. Refrain from using profane or offensive language. We refer to the PG-13 tag similarly to that of movie ratings. We don’t want to have to police the chat and punish offenders with an iron fist, but we do ask all players to maintain a friendly atmosphere on all server features.

Offensive skins, capes, player names, and builds are strictly forbidden. This includes things that are racist, hostile, or sexually explicit. A first offense for content of this nature may receive a warning, but repeated offenses will result in restrictions on the account.

10. Advertising

Advertising any server in-game or on the forums is forbidden.

11. Account Security and Sharing

You are responsible for the security and use of your Becto and Minecraft accounts. You will be held accountable for all activity coming from your account, even if you were not in control of the account at the time. To avoid any problems, do not share your account. If the account is shared and one person breaks the rules, the punishment is applied to the account, regardless of account ownership. Use a strong password, and consider changing your password frequently, and never share your password.

Becto staff will never ask for your account password for any reason.

12. Trade of Becto Merchandise

Becto staff do not take responsibility for the trade of any Becto merchandise on the web-shop or in-game. We are not liable for any loss or fraud that occurs while trading.

We do accept responsibility for any Becto shop purchases that are made and not received by the paying party. Staff members do not have any authority or ability to address purchase-related issues. To report such an issue, create a ticket or email [email protected] to have your purchase issues reviewed and addressed.

13. Survival/Skyblock Rules

Survival and Skyblock are considered non-hostile servers, any sort of trapping, camping, tp killing is not allowed.

Camping: Do not camp other player’s spawnpoint or houses. You may ambush a player once or twice, but do not overextend your stay.

Griefing/Raiding: Sponge and island protection makes this practically impossible, but don’t do it.

Trapping and TP Killing: No trapping of any kind is allowed. If someone teleports to you, your warp, or your island, they should not be restricted from leaving, and should not be in immediate danger, or be in danger by moving a few steps. If you teleport to another player, you must not place them in any danger.

Scamming: Survival & Skyblock are mostly friendly servers, but we cannot prevent scamming, and we will not assist you in recovering losses if a player scams you. Use the auction house to make safe trade. We do not take responsibility for scams in the auction house, so pay close attention when making purchases--be aware that the name of a renamed item will appear in italics (slanted text). You may report players who are attempting to scam others, and we may apply a restriction to their account, but we will absolutely not refund or compensate victims.

14. Factions Rules

Griefing/Raiding: Intentionally destroying buildings of other players is allowed on the Factions server.

Scamming: It may not be pleasant to be scammed by another player, but scamming is allowed on the Factions server. Use the auction house to make safe trade. We do not take responsibility for scams in the auction house, so pay close attention when making purchases--be aware that the name of a renamed item will appear in italics (slanted text).

Trapping: Death traps are allowed, which means you may create places where players will die when teleporting to you. It is not allowed to get another player stuck in an area that they are unable to get out of (such as a portal trap). Keep in mind you can always get out of enemy territory by typing /suicide.