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    Becto Rules

    All rules listed here apply to all members on Becto.

    If you have been banned or muted and you state that you ‘’did not know this is against the rules’’, it will not be accepted as an excuse in any case. If you have been banned for a reason that is not listed in our rules, this does not mean that you will be banned. Any ban or mute is valid and you will not be pardoned for this reason. It is your responsibility to read through the rules of Becto.net and make yourself familiar with our regulations.

    You can not use the services in any matter that, to Becto staff’ discretion, is unlawful or could damage or impair the server, or others’ use and enjoyment. Becto staff reserve the right to change or modify any rule as they see fit.

    Server gameplay rules

    Behaviour on the server
    Everyone playing is a human, please be mindful and respectful in your communication.

    We will not tolerate conduct that is harmful, harassing, obscene, hateful, abusive, inflammatory, intimidating, violent, or encouraging of violence (including self harm), stalking, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable to the server’s discretion. This includes chat, nicknames, usernames, builds, skins, capes, item names, and any other form of communication done through the server.

    Sensible, well-thought-out speech will make everyone’s day better. Remember that the players on the other side of the screen are people like you.

    If you decide to show this kind of behaviour on one of our platforms you will be muted and/or banned.

    Common sense
    Make sure to always use common sense on our server. Don’t go too far and don’t break any rules. You can have fun on this server, but make sure to follow our rules.

    Inappropriate usernames/skins
    If your username or skin is seen as inappropriate by a staff member you will receive warnings and if you do not change it right away you will be banned from our server until you have either changed your name or skin to an appropriate one. Logging on another account (alt) without appealing and asking for staff approval counts as bypassing and you will get banned for doing that.

    ‘’The act of leaving an insult message on the internet in order to annoy someone.’’

    Trolling is not allowed on any of our platforms. It could take many forms and none of them are allowed. If you decide to troll on one of our platforms you can get muted or banned, this depends on the severeness of your actions.

    Bug or glitch abuse
    ‘’Bug Abuse is the act of finding a glitch or bug in the game by accident or intentionally and exploiting it for an unfair advantage in the game.’’

    Bug abuse is not allowed and should be reported immediately. If you find a bug, please report this by opening a ticket in our Discord.

    When you knowingly abuse a bug, or if you are aware of this bug and you have not reported it, you will get banned from our server.

    Multiple accounts/Alts
    Becto allows you to have THREE accounts on one IP address. If you use more accounts they will ALL be banned and you need to appeal to unban three of them. Please remember that this will count as a restriction in our database.

    When you want to play with a sibling, you still are allowed only three accounts. This means that you or your sibling will have to decide who gets an alt. We do not allow more than 3 accounts per household/ip address.

    If you get banned or muted and state in your appeal that your ‘’sibling did that’’, it will not count as a valid excuse. This will not be accepted in an appeal. When one account gets restricted, the other accounts will be held accountable as well. For example: If your sibling gets muted, all accounts will get muted.

    Sharing accounts
    You are not allowed to share any of your accounts. Sharing an account can have big consequences for you and your account. If someone uses it to bypass, break the rules or do anything that breaks our rules, you will be held accountable.

    Sharing an account is at your own risk, if you decide to share it you will get banned from our server.

    Submitting fake evidence / Wasting time of staff
    If you decide to submit fake evidence or if you are wasting the time of a staff member, you can get banned for your actions.

    Bypassing your restriction
    If you have received a restriction and you decide to bypass this, the account you used to bypass your restriction with will be permanently banned from our server.

    To respect player privacy, we will never confirm if you are a 'Sibling / Family member' of someone who has been restricted. You are expected to take responsibility for that in your own household. If your sibling gets muted, you should not chat in-game as you would be banned for bypassing.

    You can not however get banned for bypassing a bypassing ban.
    Example for muted player who bypasses:
    • MAIN ACC: Muted for 3 days
    • ALT: Still chatting in-game
    • ALT: Permanently banned
    • MAIN ACC: Remains muted for 3 days
    Example for banned player who bypasses:
    • MAIN ACC: Banned for 3 days
    • ALT: Logged in on the server to play
    • ALT: Permanently banned
    • MAIN ACC: Remains banned for 3 days

    If you, as a player, know about another player bypassing their restriction you should report this to a staff member in-game or by making a ticket. If you do not report the bypassing player you risk getting restricted yourself.

    You can receive a warning from a staff member if you do not follow our rules. When you receive this warning you will get muted or banned the next time that you break our rules. Keep in mind that we do not have to warn for every offense, this depends on the seriousness of your offense. You can receive a warning in chat, private chat, discord or on any other platforms we own.

    ‘’An act of pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud.’’

    Impersonating someone on any of our platforms is prohibited. When you decide to do this you can get muted or banned, this depends on the severeness of your action.

    We appreciate players helping other players, but please do not act as though you are a staff member. This is a form of impersonation, even if you do not explicitly state that you are on or related to the staff team. Do not answer questions you are unsure of or share server-related speculations that have not been confirmed (unless you clearly state that you are unsure).

    Advertising other servers, social media accounts, platforms or services is not allowed. You can get muted or banned when doing this. If you want to talk about these subjects we suggest you do that in private messages.

    ‘’Search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.’’

    If you leak private information without the consent of a player, you will get permanently banned from all of our platforms. We do not allow this kind of behaviour since we want our players to feel safe. Serious threaths directed towards staff or players can lead to a perm ban from the server.

    Using a VPN/PROXY
    We do not allow any use of a proxy server or VPN to connect to our servers. Any proxy server or VPN discovered to be used to connect to our servers will be permanently banned by IP address.

    All accounts that have ever connected through a discovered proxy or VPN may also be permanently banned, depending on the situation.

    The server allow the following categories of modifications, subject to change at our discretion:
    • Performance, graphics, and aesthetic modifications (including shaders and OptiFine)
    • Armor, status, and HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage
    • Health indicators
    • Minimaps that show the ground level and do not show players
    • Recipe modifications
    • Sprint toggle
    The use of any client modifications other than the allowed categories listed above is strictly forbidden and enforced. If you have any modifications that you are unsure about, contact a staff member.

    We specifically disallow the following modifications, subject to change at our discretion:
    • Automated movements (sneaking, walking, fighting, aiming, fishing, mining, printer, etc.);
    • Automated chat, commands or other scheduled features;
    • Consistent movements triggered by laying something on your keyboard/mouse (to keep mining/walking or similar);
    • Vision enhancements (x-ray, trackers, tracer, wallhack, etc.);
    • Fighting cheats (anti-knockback, bunnyhop, kill-aura, etc.);
    • Spoofing cheats (ping spoof);
    • Any change to the way you connect to our server (proxy or other connection);
    • Macro keys, for example 1 button press to instantly type an entire command or message.

    Lunar Client
    As of April 3th, 2021, the Lunar Client is allowed on our server again.
    As of January 4th, 2021, we do not allow players to use the Lunar Client on our server.
    The reason for this rule is because the Lunar Client alters packets in a way that gives users of the client unfair advantages over players who are not using the client.
    If the Lunar Client developers decide to make changes to their client and remove the unfair advantages, we will reconsider this rule.

    The use of third-party software that gives a significant advantage to anyone is also strictly forbidden. This includes the use of macros or hotkeys that trigger automated clicks or movements on a more than 1-to-1 ratio (1 input = 1 output).

    Any category other than these are considered illegal. If you have any modifications that you may be curious about, please contact a staff member. Responsibility of using these are completely on the player.

    If you find anyone breaking the rules, please report them by making a ticket on our Discord. Be mindful and respectful even when reporting players. Hostile, disrespectful, or crude comments about players will be discarded as spam.

    AFK activity
    If we can proof your focus is not in-game while you are performing game-related action (literally anything except being completely inactive), you may be banned. Our methods to detect AFK activity may include messaging, teleportation, or anything else to get your attention.

    Spam is not allowed. The following are considered spam:
    • Repeating similar messages frequently;
    • Messages consisting of a large amount of capital letters;
    • A large number of messages in a short period of time (such as a countdown).
    What is considered spam is to the sole discretion of Becto staff members.

    When you are participating in an event all of our rules apply. This means that if you will break any of our rules you will be muted or banned for your actions and you will not be allowed to join any events in the future. You can be banned if you decide to bypass this rule.

    Trading and selling
    Selling, buying, trading or offering anything for real money is not allowed through any Becto services other than items from our official store, this includes capes or Minecraft accounts. Some examples of this are:
    • You may not sell in-game items for real money;
    • You may not offer to buy someone something from the store for in-game items;
    • You may not sell, buy or trade Minecraft accounts/capes (as per Mojang's TOS).
    If you still decide to make these trades for real money, your account may be banned permanently. To be safe: don't make fishy trades, just use our official store and make a purchase yourself.

    Becto does not take responsibility for the trade of any Becto merchandise on the web-shop or in-game. Becto is not liable for any loss or fraud that occurs while trading.

    Transactions made in our store are final. We do not offer refunds or any kind of trades. You are responsible for any payments that are made towards your account.

    If you receive any items that you have not bought or if you believe that someone has purchased something on your behalf, please contact us immediately. You can do this by opening a ticket on our Discord or sending an email to [email protected]. If you do not notify us directly after you have received the items you will be held accountable for all actions that will happen (for example in case of a chargeback).

    If you do make a trade for webshop items and the other party tries to revert the purchase, your account will automatically be banned by our webshop, and you will take the responsibility to solve the situation.

    If you have been muted or banned and you feel like this restriction is not fair, you can appeal by filling in this form.

    May your appeal be denied for a second time you will be able to appeal within one year from the day that you receive an answer on your appeal.

    Might you decide to appeal earlier it will be instantly denied and you can not appeal for another year. When you are flooding us with appeals, you will not receive a response and will remain banned until you can appeal again in one year from the last appeal you submitted, so this will depend on your own behaviour.

    Survival/Skyblock Rules

    Do not camp other player’s spawn-point or houses. You may ambush a player once or twice, but do not overextend your stay.

    Sponge and island protection makes this practically impossible, but don’t do it. Placing sponges next to other players’ claims against their will is also not allowed, this could prevent them from expanding their area which is griefing.

    Trapping and TP Killing
    No trapping of any kind is allowed. If someone teleports to you, your warp, or your island, they should not be restricted from leaving, and should not be in immediate danger, or be in danger by moving a few steps. If you teleport to another player, you must not place them in any danger.

    Survival & Skyblock are mostly friendly servers, but we cannot prevent scamming, and we will not assist you in recovering losses if a player scams you. Use the auction house to make safe trade. We do not take responsibility for scams in the auction house, so pay close attention when making purchases--be aware that the name of a renamed item will appear in italics (slanted text). You may report players who are attempting to scam others, and we may apply a restriction to their account, but we will absolutely not refund or compensate victims.

    Factions Rules

    Intentionally destroying buildings of other players is allowed on the Factions server.

    It may not be pleasant to be scammed by another player, but scamming is allowed on the Factions server. Use the auction house to make safe trade. We do not take responsibility for scams in the auction house, so pay close attention when making purchases--be aware that the name of a renamed item will appear in italics (slanted text).

    Death traps are allowed, which means you may create places where players will die when teleporting to you. It is not allowed to get another player stuck in an area that they are unable to get out of (such as a portal trap). Keep in mind you can always get out of enemy territory by typing /suicide.

    Power Boosting
    Any Faction that is caught using multiple alt accounts to boost the power of the Faction will have all accounts permanently banned and the Faction disbanded. You are allowed to have your main account and your one alt account in your Faction, anymore than this is not allowed. If there are alt accounts in a Faction with no main account (VPN alting) this will also result in the same punishment.

    Prison Rules

    It may not be pleasant to be scammed by another player, but scamming is allowed on the Prison server. Use the auction house to make safe trade. We do not take responsibility for scams in the auction house, so pay close attention when making purchases--be aware that the name of a renamed item will appear in italics (slanted text).

    Sign Scamming
    Even with all of the above said, we do disallow one type of scam on Prison. Sign scamming is where there is a hidden sign that tricks players into thinking they are clicking a button or lever. The sign is designed to scam players out of their money without the player even knowing it's possible.

    Death traps are not allowed in any way shape or form, which means you may not create places where players will die when teleporting to you or your area. It is not allowed to get another player stuck in an area that they are unable to get out of (such as a portal trap).

    TP Killing
    You are allowed to bait players into teleporting to you with the intention of killing them, this goes with the nature of the prison server.

    KitPvP Rules

    Scamming players in trade rooms or anywhere else is allowed. If you want to trade items in a safe way you can do this by using the auction house (/ah). We do not return items, so if you lose them due to a ban or scam it will be your responsibility.

    It is not allowed to boost your statistics on KitPvP, Farming your alts for items and/or kills and death will get all your accounts banned.

    If you hackusate in general chat, you can get muted. If someone is hacking, it will allow them to stop and this way we can not check it for ourselves. When you see someone hacking, report them to staff in private chat. If there isn’t any staff online you can open a ticket on our Discord and provide us with the necessary proof.

    Teaming up with friends on KitPvP is allowed. We are asking for your common sense when playing on KitPvP, try to be respectful.