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    1. Toothiie

      First- welcome to the team Rosie! (doing this before Dart)

      First- welcome to the team Rosie! (doing this before Dart)
    2. Toothiie

      finally decided to make an account-

      Hi there, welcome to the forums
    3. Toothiie

      Survival1 Closure

      Rip survival 1 :(
    4. Toothiie

      Prison Release & Sale!

      Good luck everyone!
    5. Toothiie

      Prison Release

    6. Toothiie

      Survival Claim Blocks Changes

      This is nice! great job Bas!!
    7. Toothiie

      ALL Commands/Benefits to ALL Ranks on Becto.net

      I believe it's /pwarp set. You can do /pwarp help for more commands!
    8. Toothiie

      Staff Appreciation

      OMG, i LOVE ittt!! thanks this is so sweet ;-;
    9. Toothiie

      Top Voters August

    10. Toothiie

      Staff Appreciation

      Omg that's so sweet, I LOVE it. I will have that as my profile pic for a while :)
    11. Toothiie

      KitPVP Unscramble Word

      I think this could be fun, I'm pretty sure I'll die many times doing it in pvp but i love the idea!
    12. Toothiie

      Staff Appreciation

      Omg I'm gonna cry.. That was so nice.. ❤️
    13. Toothiie


      cat gang, hi there!
    14. Toothiie

      Factions Enchantments

      Great Job!!
    15. Toothiie

      Oh tyy <3

      Oh tyy <3