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      The Becto Book of Records 3.0

      Still waiting for someone to beat that fps record šŸ˜Ž Once I get a 3090 I should come stomp my old record šŸ¤”
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      Global Rank keys kits.

      Imo should move them back and just add a kit for ultra players
    3. Skizzles

      Survival Block Protect

      Could you not transfer the claims to the new plugin format? It should be doable by any Dev in my opinion.
    4. Skizzles

      Nicknames, why alphanumeric?

      Physically impossible, nicknames are considering a input, when you type a command it would register the other half after the space as a separate input. Completely make formats for chat look awful. Having I S K I Z Z L E S I Looks terrible, makes typing terrible for commands...... On the other...
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      The Becto Book Of World Records 2.0

      @Vindigo Thank you, also awesome for you to keep this going I think it brings a lot to the community :)
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      The Becto Book Of World Records 2.0

      Highest FPS http://prntscr.com/ofkrxs Quickest Staff rank promotion https://prnt.sc/gycvvh Jr Mod Oct 16th 2017 http://prntscr.com/ofkw83 Sr Mod Oct 17th 2017
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      The Becto Book Of World Records 2.0

      Lmao considering that record is from a year ago I'll login to becto just to trump any record u beat ;)
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      xiaoxiaoz/Derianer ED

      I just saw this, thanks for the mention... also golf with friends aye ;)
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      The Becto Book Of World Records 2.0

      Still highest fps hue hue
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      survival map download

      I'd download it
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      Good legends never die.

      Good legends never die.
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      hello son

      hello son