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    1. MVKay52


      I can't really progress in kitpvp without grinding harder than I am willing to with this rate of exp per kill. I think before the reset, the rate was fine. Now, It takes wayyy to many kills to get high enough to make any sort of enchants. if I were to just sit there and kill 100 people in...
    2. MVKay52

      Member Area

      This isnt a big deal or anything but when someone has time it would be nice to have a couple crafting tables next to the enchant tables in member area. Idk if this should be a ticket or something but ig if someone has an opposing viewpoint then....
    3. MVKay52

      MildSawss' goodbye for now ~

      I know im not an OG member of the community, or a really big part of it for that matter, so i dont really know how much my word means but i hope you come back sometime!
    4. MVKay52

      KitPVP Last Man Standing

      someone come in clutch for me with the jump II boots so i can vibe in the tree until i get kicked or killed lmao
    5. MVKay52

      KitPVP Last Man Standing

      i dont have any gear to participate with, but im excited for the reset! Maybe ill just chill until i get DQ'ed lel
    6. MVKay52

      KitPVP Beta

      yeah! I hope the reset is worth staying for...
    7. MVKay52

      KitPVP Beta

      U sure? ...
    8. MVKay52

      /PV for certain ranks on kit-pvp

      yeah idk like looting 3 gives a chance for better loot or something. I have mentioned that this would be a good idea so I 100% agree ^^^
    9. MVKay52

      /PV for certain ranks on kit-pvp

      As long as you can’t pv in combat. I don’t want to chase someone just to have them pv they stuff right as I’m about to kill them lol.
    10. MVKay52


      Initially, because I have never heard of you, I was a little shaky on my stance with this application because of your level and playtime. But from the looks of it your playtime doesn’t matter because you seem to be more than ready to be on the team. Your forums activity is low but that can...
    11. MVKay52

      Jah [Official Recruitment Thread]

      On jah this is excessive lmao
    12. MVKay52

      Creating Becto Content!

      This is really cool! I encourage others who have the time to make any sort of content such as this, especially for Becto. I doubt anyone else cares as much as Guth, but I hope to see more content in the future.
    13. MVKay52

      A reminder to those thinking of applying for Staff.

      I feel like anyone who is fit for staff already does all of these things regardless of whether or not they are thinking of applying for staff. What staff look for is the ability of a person to exhibit these traits on a daily basis regardless of their ambitions regarding future staff membership...
    14. MVKay52

      Practice server

      Sky. Grid.
    15. MVKay52

      Practice server

      I would refrain from suggestion more servers. If I'm not wrong, management isn't currently looking to add more servers to the network. Some of the changes that you are suggesting for KitPvP could be considered for the next reset, so go ahead and drop them in the reset suggestions thread. As...