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    1. MildSawss

      Survival Updates

      Can't wait to see everyone active on survival, loving and enjoying it again.
    2. MildSawss

      Staff Application Changes

      That's why we are more than willing to keep an eye on staff. We have tools to ensure our accuracy too!
    3. MildSawss

      KitPVP Kit Suggestions (More for LOW-MID LEVEL PVPers)

      As always I appreciate your suggestion, even if I do not agree with it. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to assist us with improving Becto.
    4. MildSawss

      The TMI guide to prismarine

      There is a cap on the points that those can give. I can't recall off the top of my head, but I know it's a pretty small amount you can gain.
    5. MildSawss


      Hi there, welcome to the forums
    6. MildSawss


      Hi there, welcome!
    7. MildSawss

      Hello I'm Lila

      Welcome to the team Lila!
    8. MildSawss

      New store template

      God my eyes are loving these updates what blessing
    9. MildSawss

      Welcome to the new website!

      Can't wait to see what we've got in store for the community. I hope each of you place your trust in me with the staff team. Always feel free to come to me as you have since 2018 if you have questions or need help. It's an honor to work with y'all as a manager!
    10. MildSawss

      Hey all

      Literally amazing on my eyes.
    11. MildSawss

      hi i am new

      Hi, Don't be rude again, please. This is a considered strike against you.
    12. MildSawss

      The TMI guide to prismarine

      This was an epic post lmao. Giggled a bit reading through it.
    13. MildSawss


      Welcome? I guess? Pleasure to see you on the forums, if you indeed intended this to be an intro!
    14. MildSawss


      Welcome to the forums.
    15. MildSawss

      karma i guess

      I'm confused as to what this is