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      Border's Introduction

    2. Jetpuffed

      Factions: Spring Season

      Interesting updates. Quite a few controversial removals, but the community will adapt to it. :)
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      new sig who dis

      new sig who dis
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      mfw mfw

      mfw mfw
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      Animal Crossing New Horizons

      did i ask
    6. Jetpuffed

      Animal Crossing New Horizons

      Amazon and digital downloads exist
    7. Jetpuffed

      Animal Crossing New Horizons

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      Daily Speed Run

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      ppbob here.

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      Oh, you're back again. Forums will be interesting again... :)
    12. Jetpuffed

      I'm leaving. For real this time.

      See you around, our resident Ukrainian. ~Brandon
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      Farewell Becto

      Noticed you in-game but we never really spoke. See ya.
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      My Final Statement - What Happened to BobRoss?

      That sucks that these issues are occurring, I wish I could do something about it. I believe Bas and Dean have been very busy recently. I can only hope they can fix the issues ASAP.