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      Discord Discord Events

      Trivia would be super hard to host on Discord only, but we can do a voice-trivia event where the questions are asked on voicechat and the answers must be selected in-game by stepping on a red or green platform
    2. Bas

      Global Rank keys kits.

      The key kits devalued keys so much that I decided to only make god and ultra key kits in the future with less keys. i don’t see a good reason to bring back (or add more) key kits.
    3. Bas

      hello i cant find were i post my appeal so im going to post it here?

      Go to https://becto.net/appeal
    4. Bas

      Twitter Giveaway

      Hello everyone! Today we will be hosting a giveaway on the Becto Twitter account to give you a chance to win the ULTRA rank! Follow the easy steps below to enter: Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/BectoMC Like and retweet this tweet: twitter.com/BectoMC/status/1280853423005601793 Tag two...
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      Listen to us Bas

      I understand where you're coming from! I do want to host an end of season event, but I can't promise something similar to how the purge went down as it introduced too many issues and oversights... if you have any suggestions of how we can approach a proper end-of-season event please let me know...
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      Some website updates...

    7. Bas

      Some website updates...

      Added some new things to the website today! You can now add cover images to your profile! Check mine out: https://becto.net/members/bas.1/ You can now easily post giphy's by clicking the giphy button in the editor (next to image) > Added new ratings that you can give on posts, and they show...
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      Thats cute, delete it please

      Thats cute, delete it please
    9. Bas

      Nice cover, I respect you

      Nice cover, I respect you
    10. Bas

      Community update

      You will find more information about this in the update post for that server, Skyblock is the last on the list so we haven't internally discussed exactly how we are going to approach that.
    11. Bas

      Community update

      Great updates coming...
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      Survival Release!

      Hey everyone! The new survival server is now live! Read this article for help on protection your area: http://bec.to/protect If you want to play survival you can choose between the Legacy Survival and the new Survival with GriefPrevention. You will be able to play on both servers but the...
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      In Progress Linking Issues

      We're aware of this and will be fixing it soon. It doesn't work because of the recent website update/rework, we have to update the system that allows you to link your account to our website.
    15. Bas

      Prison Prison revamp

      Not sure if this is easy to set up/host