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Jan 25, 2016
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Sep 13, 1995 (Age: 24)


Owner, Male, 24, from Amsterdam

Updated profile picture :) Nov 4, 2019

Bas was last seen:
Viewing support ticket, Apr 9, 2020 at 9:59 PM
    1. Mju492
      I was just banned for no reason and silent said that I was hacking when I was grinding a blaze grinder on survival normally. Right now I have a quadruple level booster activated and factions purge is soon, So I don't want the quadruple level booster to go to waste for a false ban and would definitely wouldn't want to miss purge so please get to my appeal as soon as possible, because I did nothing wrong to be banned.
    2. Peep
      literally a headass
    3. Internationale
      Hello, I wrote an ban appeal a while ago, but nobody had responded yet.
      1. Toothy
        Staff will answer your ticket as soon as they can , you can better dm someone on discord if it's urgent. Thanks for your patience
        Jan 25, 2020
    4. hey_itsmak
      exactly a week ago I bought the vip rank. I used my old username which is nak_intheshack not my new one. been communicating with one of the managers about it but is still not done. kinda getting more and more anxious that it will never be solved. Sent everythin asked that night. wondering if maybe there is a potential time frame might be solved or like if i just need to wait it out till i can change my username back.
      1. hey_itsmak
        my new user is hey_itsmak
        Dec 7, 2019
    5. poppy101
      My username is YTPixelBros and in skyblock I bought 23 Rare keys and I only got one pls can I have my keys
    6. jonathan109
      thanks if you do
    7. jonathan109
      hey I was mining in prisons and I was using my efficiency 5 unbreaking 3 Exploding 1pick then a zombie spawned in and I lagged then the zombie killed me and some how took my armor [It was not that good] and it took my sharpness 1 sword and I could not get my pick back in time and then the mine reseted and deleted my pick so I was wondering if you could give me one
      1. Bas
        I'm sorry but I can't refund items to you.
        Nov 25, 2019
    8. Julien Boily
      Julien Boily
      I am not whitelisted on Faction, and all my progress is on there. All i'm asking is to play on Factions, please it's all my progress in there...
      1. Bas
        I was just working on some stuff :)
        Nov 21, 2019
        Julien Boily likes this.
    9. Bas
      Updated profile picture :)
      1. Lucas S., Cloudy and Dartino20 like this.
      2. Lucas S.
        Lucas S.
        That was a quick change. ;)
        Nov 6, 2019
    10. Blu_Pinguino
    11. james wray
      james wray
      Can you PM me when you get on please.
    12. Tara25
      i need your help
    13. Momo
      skyblock is down :(
    14. Patrick Helmrick
      Patrick Helmrick
      how do i become a member
      1. LillithxXxCloud
        When you're on the sever, do /member. To link your account do /hub and /link. Hope this helps! :)
        Jul 5, 2019
        RainbowPuzzle likes this.
    15. StickyMarijuana
      Please refer to: #PMMTD_0V Falsely Banned on both the Minecraft server and on the Discord for trying to reach out to Report a Staff member for harassment only to be Abused by a server Admin Mildsawss after posting that i Wanted to Report a Staff Member.
      1. Sonoma
        Make a ticket if you have an issue.
        Jul 7, 2019
    16. kobytran12345
      I have a question can you come on factions?
      1. Sonoma
        Make a ticket or ask it on the forums
        Jul 7, 2019
        Ciber likes this.
    17. Sonoma
      I have a business inquiry I would like to discuss with you. Contact me on discord: Timothy#4517 or my business email: [email protected]
      1. Ciber likes this.
      2. Cloudy
        At the bottom of the forums it gives you to email to contact Bas for business purposes exclusively: [email protected]
        Jun 22, 2019
      3. Sonoma
        I’m aware but I wanted to wait until he contacts me first, better via discord.
        Jun 22, 2019
    18. Tristen Lott
      Tristen Lott
      hey Bas i was a Mod on my Old Account but it Got Deleted but if you wanna make me Mod Again Gamertag is Tristen9PlayzMC and i Like Helping out on your Server
      1. Cloudy
        looks legit to me
        Jun 19, 2019
      2. MVKay52
        Checks out
        Jun 19, 2019
      3. Sonoma
        did this guy ever get his mod back?
        Jun 28, 2019
        MVKay52 likes this.
    19. monster22
      hey Bas i just wanted to say i really like the Becto server. it is very fun for me. normally i wouldnt play in survival or any mode that has monsters that come out at night. i am not scared or anything its just hard for me to handle jump scares. but overall i really like the server. hope u see this msg thanks zombie22_22 over and out
    20. DzOoi_0w0
      Hey OwO i need help for rank member?
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    Sep 13, 1995 (Age: 24)
    My name is Bas and I created this server on 5 February 2014; my Minecraft username is iBasss

    For those who wonder: the Becto Minecraft account is my alternative account; I use the account for testing purposes mostly.
    I launched as a fun second server and started actively working on since May 2016.



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