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Jan 25, 2016
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Sep 13, 1995 (Age: 24)


Owner, Male, 24, from Amsterdam

Max signature height is now 230 pixels before you have to scroll through it... to prevent huge signatures that fill half of the page :) Nov 27, 2018

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Sep 15, 2019 at 9:39 PM
    1. MothKillA2P
      Part:2## Much greetings, i just want the best for, i want to start a swatolution. F* the waldorf terrain, make it modern, make the pvp basass and exciting, make moveable doors, which close and open random, make the spawn in modern style. Again, much much much much greetings from germoney.
    2. MothKillA2P
      Mr.Batsbak, can you unban swat255p(Forum). I don't find my ban legid, it's subjectiv caused, all hate me, because i critic the terrain, which is unique, for no words, it's custom made, but a person can't play notch and doing better work, as him. It's like barble, you can't play good, you can't play notch and his good,pretty code for a ncie nice terrain.
    3. Blu_Pinguino
    4. james wray
      james wray
      Can you PM me when you get on please.
    5. Tara25
      i need your help
    6. Momo
      skyblock is down :(
    7. Patrick Helmrick
      Patrick Helmrick
      how do i become a member
      1. LillithxXxCloud
        When you're on the sever, do /member. To link your account do /hub and /link. Hope this helps! :)
        Jul 5, 2019
        RainbowPuzzle likes this.
    8. StickyMarijuana
      Please refer to: #PMMTD_0V Falsely Banned on both the Minecraft server and on the Discord for trying to reach out to Report a Staff member for harassment only to be Abused by a server Admin Mildsawss after posting that i Wanted to Report a Staff Member.
      1. Sonoma
        Make a ticket if you have an issue.
        Jul 7, 2019
    9. kobytran12345
      I have a question can you come on factions?
      1. Sonoma
        Make a ticket or ask it on the forums
        Jul 7, 2019
        Ciber likes this.
    10. Sonoma
      I have a business inquiry I would like to discuss with you. Contact me on discord: Timothy#4517 or my business email: [email protected]
      1. Ciber likes this.
      2. Cloudy
        At the bottom of the forums it gives you to email to contact Bas for business purposes exclusively: [email protected]
        Jun 22, 2019
      3. Sonoma
        I’m aware but I wanted to wait until he contacts me first, better via discord.
        Jun 22, 2019
    11. Tristen Lott
      Tristen Lott
      hey Bas i was a Mod on my Old Account but it Got Deleted but if you wanna make me Mod Again Gamertag is Tristen9PlayzMC and i Like Helping out on your Server
      1. Cloudy
        looks legit to me
        Jun 19, 2019
      2. MVKay52
        Checks out
        Jun 19, 2019
      3. Sonoma
        did this guy ever get his mod back?
        Jun 28, 2019
        MVKay52 likes this.
    12. monster22
      hey Bas i just wanted to say i really like the Becto server. it is very fun for me. normally i wouldnt play in survival or any mode that has monsters that come out at night. i am not scared or anything its just hard for me to handle jump scares. but overall i really like the server. hope u see this msg thanks zombie22_22 over and out
    13. DzOoi_0w0
      Hey OwO i need help for rank member?
    14. DMN
      I wanted to know how to get Nether quarts in prison or 1.11 observers in prison and if you cant I really need 2 observers or 2 nether quarts to make the observers to finally make a Redstone elevator
      1. Lucas S.
        Lucas S.
        Prison is 1.8.8 there are no observers.
        Mar 15, 2019
    15. QuiteShallow
    16. XxKampfxX12
      hi help
      1. Lucas S.
        Lucas S.
        What would you be requiring assistance for? Reminding you that you can make a support ticket or use #support in the discord.
        Mar 15, 2019
    17. Declan Callahan
      Declan Callahan
      How do I get permission to join the realm I made an account
    18. mathewsj23
      Hey I found a typo in the game, can i have VIP rank if i tell u what it is?
      1. Lucas S.
        Lucas S.
        Transactions as such as this will never happen. If you find an issue or bug, please report it in the correct forum.
        Feb 11, 2019
      2. lillie215YT
        You will not be permitted to get a rank this way. If you find a bug or issue, report it to the correct form
        Mar 6, 2019
      3. pFET
        Apr 24, 2019
    19. The Truth Untold
      The Truth Untold
      Lunar New Year Sale 2019?
      1. Lucas S. likes this.
    20. Ethan Dondzil
      Ethan Dondzil
      some one in prison tpa me into the PvP mine and killed right after i bough 6 epic keys, i said i wanted to sell 5 or 4 for 1 bil. to him but than some one else them he killed me took all 6 and only gave me 1 bil. (his name is Dirkhurst) thank you
      1. pFET
        Feb 1, 2019
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    Sep 13, 1995 (Age: 24)
    My name is Bas and I created this server on 5 February 2014; my Minecraft username is iBasss

    For those who wonder: the Becto Minecraft account is my alternative account; I use the account for testing purposes mostly.
    I launched as a fun second server and started actively working on since May 2016.



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