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      Skyblock [i] Advertising

      Hi everyone, I have renamed a pumpkin "/is warp AWesty00 -> Pumpkin Profit" and have been using it to quickly advertise my skyblock shop once a day. Today when i did it i was told by another member it was not allowed, i messaged insanityhelper who was online at the time and had no reply so im...
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      Server Help

      Hi Everyone, I've always wanted to be staff for a server, I love the idea of helping everyone I can, supporting the growth of a community and being able to provide a safe and fun environment for the players. One of the main reasons I became an Explorer Scout Leader was to be able to help the...
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      thank you everyone for your kind welcome messages
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      Hi Everyone! In game I'm AWesty00, Im 18 years old and I have been playing Minecraft for a very long time, about a year after it came out. I like building the most but also anything like Skyblock which makes the normal game more interesting. In the outside world, I briefly studied in...