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  • Chargeback Unban Policy

    Resolving a chargeback ban

    When you open a chargeback, dispute or case after buying something on our store, you will automatically be banned of our server permanently so that you can not access the goods you have paid for while the payment is under investigation.

    In a lot of cases, the chargeback, dispute or cases would be unjustified and will not be resolved in your favour, you will NOT be unbanned from our server automatically when that happens- you will have to open a ticket so that we can look ito the issue and confirm that the chargeback, dispute or case was closed and resolved in our favour. You will have to pay a 5.00 USD administration fee PER PACKAGE.

    Sometimes the chargeback, dispute or case will not be resolved in our favour but player still ask us to be unbanned. If that is the case you will have to pay back the full amount of all packages disputed, and a 15.00 USD chargeback & administration fee PER PACKAGE.

    The payment will always have to be sent to our PayPal address [email protected] staff will never ask you to send money elsewhere.

    How to send money on PayPal