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Factions Winter Season
Looking back at the purge, it went quite well but the final stage should not last for as long as it did this time. We will look for ways to combat this next season, but that will be discussed later.

The winter season is now live and you can play it by going to /factions

To celebrate the Factions reset, there is now a huge sale of up to 65% active on the store!

This only includes players who were killed by others, not players who disconnected or left.
  1. Haste3
  2. Block_Game
  3. Ebyy
  4. OnlyInDreams
  5. Ralph12322
  6. Rathakir
  7. SalBruhMoment
  8. DaBears57
  9. MrTwiXeD
  10. GabrielHax

The season 6 top 5 factions were:
  1. Breakfast ($221M) Leader: Block_Game
  2. UwU ($86M) Leader: SquidBen1
  3. BobRoss ($34M) Leader: Allehsaur
  4. Toxic ($13M) Leader: sophiamc
  5. Razer ($11) Leader: nukeson1

Changes this season
This is a full list of all changes in the Winter season.
  • Updated Factions plugin which should solve a lot of issues and bugs
  • Changed random teleport so that it does not put you next or near other peoples claims
  • World Border is now at 8K instead of 10K to allow for more competitive gameplay
  • Fixed the rubber banding issues for 1.8 clients
  • The Nether is disabled at the start of the season and will be enabled after 4 days
  • There is now a 1 minute cooldown on using the /back command
  • Autocompleting commands now works...

Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

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There is a countdown timer in the server MOTD so that you can easily see when the sale ends.

Thank you for your support and I hope you all have a great day.

Today we revamped almost all packages available on our webstore.

Pretty much every package on our store has gone down in price to make for a much more fair deal and very cheap / infrequently bought packages have been removed from our store to make the store less cluttered.

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