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A lot of small bug fixes and minor changes these patch notes, if you run into any bugs/issues please report them here: and we will try our best to patch them as soon as possible!

Thanks to our amazing build team (Dalpy, MrSwaggyPanda and GarrukwilderFTW) we have a halloween themed hub during halloween!

We also have an amazing halloween sale running on our store currently...
The sale ends on the 10th of November


Most major change this patch notes is the Skyblock update, it has been completely reworked and now runs fully on 1.12.2 (latest version). For the best experience you should use the 1.12.2 client version when playing on Skyblock, PVP (combat) still works like it did in 1.8!

See all skyblock (&other) updates down below.


Lots of changes over a longer period of time, you can now open vote crates in bulk by swapping your regular keys to mystic keys.

Bugs, glitches or any server related issues should now be reported in the forum section created for it here:



Had a small 'break' from Minecraft but I'm back now and bringing you some great (long awaited) updates. This patch mostly includes KitPVP updates.

I would also like to mention that Soapiee is now a manager on Becto, she will be taking care of a lot of stuff I do not have the time for as well as staff applications and managing the staff team.

The Factions Purge Season 3 will be announced very soon, keep an eye on the website for that!
Season 3 on Factions will be the most amazing season yet with a lot of amazing additions and fixes.. if you have any suggestions yourself, please post them on the post made by Blu_Pinguino here.



It has been a while since the last patch notes - I have been away to Minecon and been busy with a lot of stuff behind the scenes and forgot to keep track of some updates, my apologies if I missed some features that I added.

With the release of these patch notes I would like to let you all know the Bug Reports section has been removed from the ticket departments because it was too hard to keep track of bugs through the ticket system, you may now submit bugs through the form at

Also - Happy halloween everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time!