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This month was the time for the Factions rework. Yes, it happened :-D I am going to start off by congratulating Jetpuffed on winning the Purge event and thank you to every one else who took part!

Factions update
:diamond: Bucky the Nether boss - A new boss was added to the Nether world. Its name is Bucky and this boss is designed to be much harder than the Reaper. Bucky will change forms as his health gets lower. As his health gets lower he also gets harder. He will also spawn magma eaters that will eat up your potion effects when they damage you. Keep in mind that PVP is enabled in the Nether!
:diamond: Enchants removed from /enchant - Poison, Toxic, Blindness and Mending were all removed from /enchant.
:diamond: Tokens in Crates - We added the ability to win tokens in crates just like the other servers.
:diamond: Depth Strider - Depth Strider was added to /enchant
:diamond: Thorns - Thorns was removed from all armour items apart from chestplates in /enchant.

Important rule changes
:diamond: With the new update of Factions we have added a new rule. Any Faction who is caught using alt accounts to boost their power will have their whole Faction disbanded without any warning. Don't worry, you are still allowed to have your main account and your own alt account in your faction but if you are found to have multiple alt accounts that have no 'main' account attached to them then the faction they are in will be disbanded.


We have done a major rework of our Daily Reward system! As a quick rerun, we added the ability to collect daily rewards on all servers. This involves you locating and clicking on NPC's. You can also complete Parkour challenges daily on the hub.
For full details check it out here:


The first and one of the bigger changes is our staff ladder rework, so lets take a few minutes to go over it.
We added Helper, Mod and Chief to our ladder, aswell as removing Jr Mod and Sr Mod.
Helper - It is basically the equivalent to Jr Mod but with a more fitting name. This rank allows new staff to adjust to the staff rank with the primary role of helping players in game with simple tasks.
Mod - This is just Sr Mod but without the Senior. Sr Mod made it seem like staff were senior so this new title seems more fitting aswell. They are not senior they have just settled into their rank and know exactly what they should/shouldn't do.
Chief - This is a brand new rank and it is just a toned down version of Admin. They can do some important tasks, but not all. They are also linked to the @ Admin tag on Discord as they will be able to help with most in-game player related issues.
Admin, Manager - You all know what these do by now ;-)

The second biggest change is the integration of ad rewards. You can now earn store coupons by watching some ads! Another way for you all to buy items from the store without actually needing to spend your precious money :)
For a detailed explanation please click here:

Smaller patches:

Lets start off this months Patch Notes with the announcement of our
March Madness Sale.
There is up to 45% off!


I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we have implemented screensharing. This rule is now fully active. Sr Mods and above can request a screenshare with you, and the whole thing will be recorded by the staff member.

We have recently updated the Advertising rule (Rule 10), publicly sharing a servers IP is still against our rules, that has not changed. We have just added an extra bit. If you share any type of URL/Link that is not listed below then you will be restricted:
If there is a domain that you think should be added to our list then please contact a staff member.

Now on to the patches:

The latest patches include a bunch of fixes and a small Prison update. There are a few important rule changes that you should also read up on.

Do not forget to report any issues here:
All game changing/advantageous bugs must be reported via a ticket rather than the forums.

As this hasn't been previously announced, you can apply for builder by creating a builder application through our ticket system. If you believe you have what it takes, then do not hesitate to show us your skills!

Important rule changes:
:diamond: We will be implementing screensharing (21/02/18.). You have a 3 week grace period to get used to this. The warning is also designed to make sure everyone knows about the new rule, so make sure you spread the word.
:diamond: Prison sign scamming has always been against the rules, however I have now defined it specifically to make sure there is no confusion anymore.
:diamond: From now on, if you are caught evading your restriction then your original restriction duration will be extended.
For example; if you are originally banned for 7 days for hacking, and you then evade your ban on one alt account, your ban will be extended an extra 7 days on both of the accounts (a total of 14 days).

Prison update:
:diamond: All crates have been buffed and more personalised to the Prison experience
:diamond: The pointshop has been reworked to give better rewards for your points
:diamond: Webstore prices to purchase money were lowered dramatically
:diamond: Added some new donator perks;
:diamond: Raider > /stack
:diamond: Veteran > /autoblocks and /autoblocks toggle
:diamond: Invader > /fix (24 hour cooldown) and x1.5 sell multiplier
:diamond: God > x2 sell multiplier​
:diamond: Increased the AH max price to 5 billion
:diamond: Increased the...