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The top 5 voters of the month receive $20 webshop vouchers.


Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

The winners have received 2000 gems that can be used to redeem a $20.00 gift-card using the /rewards menu, gift-cards can be used until the balance on them reaches $0.00.

:mc1: WarriorPigs 179 votes
:mc2: Razar_19 174 votes
:mc3: Toothless16_ 169 votes
:mc4: diamondworld456 161 votes
:mc5: AntiVscos 154 votes

Lots of patches and fixes for Factions this time, read them below.

I will be on vacation from Nov. 28, to Dec. 13 so I will be a bit inactive, if you have any questions or issues during that time please forward them to other staff instead of me. I will still be available for some important stuff, though.

Lots of new updates coming to Survival when I return: including a completely reworked BlockProtect plugin that should fix all the current issues. It will also include playerwarps. I'm looking forward to releasing that.

The winner of the purge has now also received his rewards.


This post will go over changes that i've made on the KitPVP server following the feedback of players. (thread)

Coming soon:
Feel free to post more suggestions on the forums here:

We will make more adjustments in the future, slowly working towards a great KitPVP experience :)

Life has been extremely busy for me in these past few months so i've kind of been gone, but i'm back now and ready to work more on Becto :)

We're currently working on reworking KitPVP which should release soon, a date is yet to be announced but you will know soon (should be within the next few weeks). After the release of that we will work on a Factions reset / purge, details for that will follow shortly after the KitPVP release.

I've made some recent changes, listed below.

Find any bugs yourself recently? Please post them here:

We've been hard at work for providing fixes and updates, so here's the list of our latest changes: