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This post will go over changes that i've made on the KitPVP server following the feedback of players. (thread)

Coming soon:
Feel free to post more suggestions on the forums here:

We will make more adjustments in the future, slowly working towards a great KitPVP experience :)

Life has been extremely busy for me in these past few months so i've kind of been gone, but i'm back now and ready to work more on Becto :)

We're currently working on reworking KitPVP which should release soon, a date is yet to be announced but you will know soon (should be within the next few weeks). After the release of that we will work on a Factions reset / purge, details for that will follow shortly after the KitPVP release.

I've made some recent changes, listed below.

Find any bugs yourself recently? Please post them here:

We've been hard at work for providing fixes and updates, so here's the list of our latest changes:

Patch notes are back! I will try and keep everyone updated on the latest changes whenever I can. There's not much this time around, but there's definitely changes here that everyone should be informed about.

It sure has been a long time, huh? Not just for the last patch notes post, but the last Factions reset too!

Purge Winner: AaronByTheWae
Top Faction: Tyco, lead by LowkeyLokie

Here's everything that has changed this season: