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The top 5 voters of the month receive $20 webshop vouchers.

See all changes that were made to the Factions server today below.
We will possibly be implementing some of these changes to other servers in the future as well but testing them on Factions first.

Sell Wands
The name says it all: right-click with this wand on a chest to automatically sell all of it's components to the server shop.
Also available on store:
See how it works:

Harvester Hoe, Harvester Axe and Grinding Sword
These items will automatically sell items to the server shop that would normally be dropped.
Harvester Hoe I will auto-sell wheat, potato, carrot, beetroot, sugarcane and nether warts.
Harvester Hoe II will give experience orbs on top of that.
Harvester Axe I will auto-sell pumpkin and melon.
Harvester Axe II will give experience orbs on top of that.
Grinding Sword will auto-sell all mob drops (over 25 items).
Also available on store:
See how it works:

Trench Pickaxes
These special pickaxes will mine in 5x5 and 7x7 areas but are hard to obtain.
Also available on store:
See how it works:

Crate Changes
The Rare Crate
received two additional rewards: Sell Wand (30 uses) and Trench Pickaxe 7x7
The Vote Crate has received more changes: mcMMO books have been removed, some useless blocks (grass and soulsand) have been removed, Sell Wand (15 uses) added, Trench Pickaxe 5x5 and 7x7 added, Harvester Axe and Hoe tier I and II added and Grinding Sword added. A Repair Token (Tier 1) has also been added.

Some more changes...
Let's start off by announcing the top Factions in the Winter season!
  1. Deathwish ( Worth $139,908,236 )
  2. Ligma ( Worth $40,350,708 )
  3. UwU ( Worth $29,662,760 )
  4. BobRoss ( Worth $25,778,822 )
  5. Rain ( Worth $24,226,568 )

This season of Factions brings a lot of big changes to the server!

We have attempted to improve various different aspects of gameplay including grinding and enchanting but also revamped and rebalanced a lot of existing content whilst also fixing a lot of issues, bugs and glitches.

Spring Season Rewards
Some more terms and rules will be posted on our website soon for this tournament.
  1. $100 PAYPAL or $125 GIFTCARD
  2. $75 PAYPAL or $100 GIFTCARD
  3. $50 PAYPAL or $75 GIFTCARD
  4. $50 GIFTCARD
  5. $25 GIFTCARD

Here is a list of the biggest changes and at the bottom of the post a list of other (smaller) changes.

The enchanting system on Factions is something completely new and refreshing. I will try my best to explain it as simply as I can and you can explore it more by playing on the server.

There are over 150 types of enchants in this new system so there is a lot to explore.

Purchasing and applying enchantments
You can obtain custom enchantments by purchasing them from the enchanter (at /warp enchant), you will receive a random enchantment book of any of the following types, depending on which one you buy: Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary or Heroic.

An enchantment book has a percentage chance to succesfully apply on your item, or DESTROY your item (unless protected with a White Scroll). You can increase the chances of succesfully applying an enchantment (up to 100%) by using Magic Dust.

Magic dusts & other items
You may obtain these new...

See the list below for the most recent changes made to the server in the past few days.

Hi All,

As promised, the Survival server will be updated today and this post will go over the biggest changes and some new things that you can expect.

:emerald: Block Protect Updates
The protection plugin has been reworked completely from scratch and all of the major issues were resolved. If you do find a bug please report them here!

Changing settings for regions has been changed a little bit, you will now have to click ENABLE or DISABLE when changing a setting.

:emerald: Player Warps
The most requested feature of them all, player warps!
They're back and they are the same style as they were in the first release of survival. They can only be set in your own regions and work the exact same as they were in the original survival.

Main commands are /playerwarp, /pwarp or /pw
  • List all commands by typing /pw help
  • List all player warps on the server by typing /pw
  • You can set a player warp with /pw set (whilst inside a region you own)
  • Setting a warp costs $1000
  • A warp will expire from the list after 12 hours by default
  • You can extend the duration of a warp for 12 hours by typing /pw extend
  • Extending a warp costs $2000
  • The maximum extended duration for a warp is 48 hours
  • You may change the displayed item by typing /pw item
  • You may also change the description by typing /pw desc

:emerald: Chest Shops
Player shops (chest shops) have been revamped!
We now use a different style player shop and you no longer have to use signs, it works similar to how the old system worked. Left click to buy and...

Some more changes to KitPVP and other changes, see the list below.

Global changes
KitPVP changes