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Hi everyone!

In celebration of this very spooky month there is now a sale active on the webstore!
Head over to to purchase something with up to 50% off!

This sale is active during the entire month of October.

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

The winners have received 2000 gems that can be used to redeem a $20.00 gift-card using the /rewards menu, gift-cards can be used until the balance on them reaches $0.00.

:mc1: Vesan 157 votes
:mc2: Anxiously 150 votes
:mc3: Scorcher125 146 votes
:mc4: DiscoEndermen 144 votes
:mc5: Gezuitar_18 132 votes

Hi everyone!

13 September marks a special day for myself, it is the day that I was born a long time ago (in 1995). And to celebrate this special day with all of you I have activated a limited time 60% off sale on our webstore! The sale is flat, and active on all packages on the store but ends tomorrow evening.

There is a countdown timer in the server MOTD so that you can easily see when the sale ends.

Thank you for your support and I hope you all have a great day.

The winners of the Fantasy building competition have been selected! Please watch the video to find out who won:

All winners have received their prizes in-game, and entered plots have been reopened.

Life has been extremely busy for me in these past few months so i've kind of been gone, but i'm back now and ready to work more on Becto :)

We're currently working on reworking KitPVP which should release soon, a date is yet to be announced but you will know soon (should be within the next few weeks). After the release of that we will work on a Factions reset / purge, details for that will follow shortly after the KitPVP release.

I've made some recent changes, listed below.

Find any bugs yourself recently? Please post them here: